A Celebrity Aesthetic Doctor’s Procedure for Acne Scars

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During the coronavirus pandemic, more people have experienced acne breakouts while self-isolating. This has led to growing concerns about skin blemishes. Severe acne can damage the surface of the skin and its deeper layers. Once inflammation recedes, and the skin starts healing itself, scarring can appear. Other factors can exacerbate this problem, like delayed treatments and picking. Acne scars are small skin indentations that have different shapes, sizes, and contours. Examples include rolling, boxcar, and ice pick scars.

Thankfully, help is at hand in the shape of Dr. Simon Ourian—a leading cosmetic dermatologist from Southern California. Dr. Ourian has years of training in dermatology, anti-aging treatments, and plastic surgery. In fact, Dr. Ourian is the top choice among Hollywood’s biggest names—Lady Gaga and the Kardashians to name some.

To address the ever growing problem of acne scarring, Dr. Ourian developed the Coolaser—available exclusively through Epione Beverly Hills. During this procedure, the affected area of skin is cooled using a specially made device. Next, the skin is exposed to a sequence of light pulses, which stimulate collagen growth and cell repair. Once the skin absorbs the light pulses, the blemishes disappear, making for impressive before and after results. Better still, this treatment has a much shorter healing time than traditional surgery and arguably other options available.

As observed by Dr. Ourian in his practice, Coolaser has been the safest and most effective treatment of its kind. Also, thanks to the cooling, patients’ comfort level is much higher, versus microdermabrasion and other laser treatments.

Dr. Simon Ourian specializes in minimally invasive procedures at Epione Beverly Hills. The company website is www.epionebh.com.

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