Celebrity Bookshelf: ‘I just love romances’

Passionate reader

I got into reading during my college years. Since there was a lot of reading involved at that time it didn’t take long to convert me into a reader and I became more passionate about it when I started reading screenplays for films.

Firm favourites

To understand screenplays and to prepare myself better for a character I started reading An Actor Prepares by Constantine Stanislavsky and The Story by Robert Mckee which, of course, are a must read for every actor or student of cinema. Most definitely it made me understand my character in the screenplay better.

However, I love romances more. I’ve just developed a liking for Nalini Singh. She is absolutely brilliant in giving a whole new dimension and thrill to romance. I also like Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series. I love her stories because I can relate to her characters.

A time to read

I usually carry a book with me wherever I go. It is either in my phone, tablet or a physical copy... Mostly after work or shooting I make sure I read for some time, as it is a great way to relax as well.

Lately, I have been reading only one book a month due to lack of time. I try to get some reading done while travelling or whenever I get the time. I mostly get recommendations from friends and book circles on social media.

E-book or physical copy?

Physical book any day...I am a bit old school in this matter. Physical books make me feel more connected and they definitely have no screen glare and brightness...saves your eyes from unnecessary stress.

Currently reading

Can You Keep A Secret and Girl Online Going Solo... Well, what can I say, I just love romances!

Fave book adaptations

I loved Confessions of a Shopaholic...it’s just so me. And a play called Piya Behroopia adapted marvellously by a friend Amitosh Nagpal from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

From book to screen

I want A Kiss Quotient to be made into a film. I have heard someone has already acquired rights to make a film on this great romantic situational novel...it’s going to be hilarious.

A classic I have claimed to have read

The Great Gatsby... When the film released a few years ago I told my friends I had read the book years back. But actually I was just aware of the story as every one has read or heard it many times. Sorry, guys!

Precious volumes

On my bookshelf, that would be The Bridges of Madison County.

Three books that are keepers

50 Greatest Short Stories, Can You Keep a Secret and The Kiss Quotient.

Books I would recommend

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Bridges Of Madison County, The Hating Game...I love to be in love all the time. I am a non serious and a romantic person so pardon me if I just recommend love stories only.

I feel reality can sometimes be boring and great books, fact or fiction, let you live other people’s life and let you learn from them. I firmly believe whenever you read a good book something changes within you for the better...So please grab a book, whatever subject, just ride the waves!