Celebrity Jeweler Franky Diamond is bringing glam to Instagram

Once Marilyn Monroe famously said that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Whether it is a gift from a loved one or a gift to yourself, there is nothing as precious as a diamond. With these little miracles created in the heart of the earth, diamonds are loved for their stellar uniqueness and alluring designs. One individual who has taken over the world of diamond jewelry and has given it a brand new glam avatar is celebrity jeweller and lifestyle influencer, Franky Diamond.

Franky learned the art of jewelry from his father and grandfather who brought their priceless traditional skills from India and Pakistan. Franky perfected his diamond setting, now famously known Franky Flushed setting. Today, he is a partner at White Carat Co., which is not just a jewelry brand but also a symbol of the affluent lifestyle. On choosing this distinctive career, Franky says, "While in university, we are always taught to work that 9-5 and find that comfortable job. I wanted to break that trend and continue to build my family’s legacy!"

Today his gorgeous line of selected diamond jewelry and accessories are highly sought-after by jewelry lovers, hip-hop singers, sportmen, and celebrities alike. With over 40K followers on Instagram, he has taken the family legacy of more than 50 years to the next level. Franky's Instagram handle is brimming with affluence and style sense that redefine luxury lifestyle. Whether it is Rolex makeovers or diamond dog tag pendants, his masterpieces have made way to the hearts of luxe fashion lovers.

From humble immigrant roots, Ali Lalani aka Franky Diamond worked his way to success with numerous celebrity clients, showing the world what sheer passion and hard work can achieve. While most people are afraid to break out of the conventional mold and secure a way of life, success awaits those who dare to dream and work to make those dreams come true. All it takes is a leap of faith, immense passion, and hard work. In truest sense, celebrity jeweller Franky Diamond is adding sheen to the world’s largest photo-sharing app – Instagram, one post at a time!