Celebrity Life Coach Prateek Singhal a.k.a Satyarthi Prateek on How to live your life after divorce

Marriage is not only about being together. After a certain time, it becomes a habit. When it comes to end this habit, it seems the most devastating moment of life. The solitary life kills every day. But is it like that?

“It’s over. We can’t stay together anymore!! I need a divorce”...these are the most terrible words that any wife hears from his better half. It leaves her mentally stressed and financially strapped. However, is it the only thing that we can expect from our life after a divorce? Prateek Singhal, popularly known as Satyarthi Prateek, renowned celebrity life coach and the founder of Tantra Nectar, puts light on this matter.

"There is a life after divorce, and trust me that's a better life, full of freedom and hope! Initially, it looks like nothing is going well and it's impossible to get adjusted to the same. However, it should take a maximum of 2 years to come out of all these. And during this period of two years, women can heal themselves, take classes and even go for a date ” Says Satyarthi.

Satharthi Talks on Life after Divorce

In the words of Satyarthi, divorce is nothing but the death of a very close relation, so being in deep sorrow is quite natural after divorce. And it happens because human beings are the creatures of habit and when we want to come out of any of our habits, the job looks troublesome. And overcoming this situation is not a cakewalk, but it's not rocket science too! So, let the emotions come out! Do whatever you want to do, live life in the way you want. The more time you’ll spend with yourself, the more chance you’ll get to explore the hidden you. This will help to overcome the stress.

You can also try out things like maintaining a diary, going for a vacation or even going for a date. If you maintain a regular track of your lifestyle, you’ll be able to understand what you like and what you don’t. If nothing works, seek professional help. Talk to a spiritual advisor who can help you in healing your soul. Life is yours and you've got the right to direct it in your way. So, enjoy every moment of it... a divorce is just an event. Indeed it is painful...but it opens up a new chapter of your life! If you accept it, you will enjoy it!

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