CEO Joseph Martinez Talks Personal Development Through iX Global Platform

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Personal development and growth can be quite a journey. One has to remain committed to learning how one can improve and become better versions of themselves. Working towards personal success may take some time, but it does not have to be complicated. We had a conversation with Joseph Martinez, founder and CEO of personal growth social media platform iX Global.

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Interviewer: Can you tell us more about iX Global and what it can do for people interested in personal growth?

Joseph Martinez: iX Global is one of the fastest-growing online personal development platforms. We have curated content taught by the world’s leading coaches and trainers, wherein they share the principles they have learned and teach our members how they can apply these principles into their day-to-day lives. Our mission is to innovate, inspire and impact the lives of those who strive to “be more”.

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I: So members take classes that will help them improve different aspects of their lives?

JM: Yes, and we have a very different approach to traditional teaching methods. We focus on community-based learning through our easy-to-use platform. Members can choose from various classes we have available, all of which are taught by seasoned and celebrated mentors. Through the different perspectives and insights offered by these mentors, we help our members maximize their potential. People will find something on our platform that can guide them whether they want to work on productivity, fitness, career goals, or mindfulness. Our courses emphasize transformational growth and how a supportive community can keep everyone accountable in their journey.

I: That seems like an exciting way to encourage learning and success. And you mentioned something as well about supportive communities. Can you elaborate on that?

JM: As most of us know, forming good habits and implementing positive changes in our lives is easier said than done. A lot of us give up and let go of these commitments to change. But one way to ensure the lasting transformation is to have an accountability partner. That is another thing we provide on the iX Global platform as well. On our app, members can communicate with each other and find like-minded individuals through tags and messages. We have also created a system where our members’ achievements are celebrated on our Recognition Wall and Leaderboards. Working on becoming better in life can be a demanding experience, and we believe positive feedback can help everyone stay motivated.

I: You sound very passionate about personal development. What made you go down this road, and how did you come up with iX Global?

JM: Years before I created iX Global, I was a marine. And what I realized was that the military was a leadership school. It was there that I learned how to impact people’s lives and influence people before I even knew what personal development was. When I left the military, I got into network marketing to create the life I wanted for my family and me. Eventually, I started working with companies and helped businesses grow. After more than a decade in this space, I thought of creating a platform that combines personal development with a social ecosystem that connects our members with each other and to businesses in different industries.

I: As I understand it, iX Global was officially launched in 2020. How has the pandemic affected this relatively new company?

JM: With all the shutdowns that happened that year, we are very proud to see that our platform has gained over 60,000 active users and more than 30,000 brand ambassadors and influencers. With the global situation shifting priorities for many people, personal growth and development found a place in their lives. Our unique platform proved to be the perfect tool for individuals looking for ways to become the best version of themselves while connecting with others with similar interests and goals.

Personal growth and success do not happen overnight. This platform offers its members innovative ways to improve their lives. At iX Global, they believe that learning is a lifelong adventure.

iX Global is a fast-growing personal development and social platform.

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