These CEOs Are Going to Make a Difference by Singing

Vocal skills are perhaps not an essential quality for being a CEO. But in this case, they certainly made a difference. A group of CEOs took to take the stage as part of the Genesis Foundation’s ‘CEOs Sing for GF Kids’ event on 22nd July, 2017. Among the CEOs participating were Philipe Haydon, CEO of the Himalayan Drug Company, Sanjay Sarin, CEO & MD, Tata Coffee, and Suprotik Das, MD Nordstrom.

Atul Ahuja, President, Learning Palm, singing his heart away.

The Genesis Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates medical treatment for critically ill under-privileged children with heart disorders. The children supported by the foundation belong to families with an income of less than Rs 10,000 per month and the parents and caregivers are unable to afford treatment of these children suffering from a serious life-threatening ailment. According to the foundation, more than 220,000 children are born in India with heart disorders, every year and India has the largest burden of congenital heart defects in the world. It is also estimated that over 90% of the children born with heart defects in India do not receive timely attention, resulting in premature death or lifelong disability. The maximum number of deaths from Congenital Heart Defects occur within the first year and a substantial proportion in first month of life. The foundation works to help parents who cannot afford the treatment they need.

Suprotik Das, MD, Nordstrom, busy strumming the guitar.

The foundation was started by Prema Sagar, Vice Chair, Burson-Marsteller, Asia Pacific & Principal/Founder, Genesis Burson-Marsteller, in 2001 on the simple premise that no child should die due to a lack of funds. That every child is precious and has the potential to be the next great scientist, sportsperson, world leader, thinker, philanthropist and more. Today, the foundation has supported the medical treatment of over 1200 critically ill children through a variety of activities, including ones like ‘CEOs Sing for GF Kids’.

Mrs Sagar herself listens to rhythm & blues, classic rock, Hindustani fusion and Sufi, but she confesses that any music that leads to raising funds and awareness for the cause is her favourite music. And while the CEOs themselves have different tastes in music, what really matters is that they have been able to take time out from their hectic schedules and sing for the cause. “For us,” says Mrs Sagar, “superheroes don’t wear capes and fly, they hold a mic and sing for GF Kids.”

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