Chahatt Khanna Makes Shocking Revelations, Says “Farhan Mirza Used To Accuse Me Of Prostitution”

Bade Acche Lagte Hain actress Chahatt Khanna who has been amidst a controversy for some time now due to trouble in her marriage has finally broken her silence. You may recall Chahatt’s estranged husband Farhan Mirza told us exclusively that his wife and kids are untraceable. Now, reacting to the allegations Chahatt told, “Farhan is lying to put me down. But, I don’t want to wash my dirty linen in public.  There are many things which will shake up if I open my mouth. So, I rather be quiet about it and let people think what they want to. I really don’t want to say anything, at least not at this point."

It seems Chahatt is in no mood to be tight-lipped on the matter. Talking to Bombay Times, the actress made some shocking revelations. On allegations of her being missing with the kids she said, “I was in touch with his family and friends, and he was aware of our whereabouts. So, how can he claim that we were untraceable? After staying in a hotel in Mumbai for a couple of days, we moved to Lucknow. Initially, I stayed at my lawyer’s house, as he considers me his sister, and a few days later, I moved to another place. Within three to four days, I informed Farhan that I was in Lucknow. My family and I avoided his calls for a couple of days, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to get away from him. I stayed in Lucknow for a month-and-a-half and would often make video calls to him, to make him speak with our daughters”.

Chahat Khanna And Farhan Mirza With Kids

Chahat Khanna And Farhan Mirza With Kids

When asked what made her opt for divorce, she replies, “It was not just sexual abuse, I went through financial and mental abuse, too. The atmosphere in the house was driving me crazy. He would accuse me of prostitution and having an affair with a co-actor. He would make surprise visits on the set of my show (Qubool Hai) and create a fuss when I had to hug or even hold hands with my co-actor on screen. Once, he threw a fit after I received an invite for the same co-actor’s housewarming party; he concluded that I was dating him.”

She further claims, “Farhan would always keep an eye on me. He even followed me from one room to another. I was not allowed to take both my kids together outside the house, as he knew that I would leave him. It was a solitary confinement of sorts. Every second day, I was slut-shamed. In fact, he even accused me of dating his own brother. During both my pregnancies, he would ask me if the babies were his. A day before and four days after the delivery of my second baby, he dragged me out of the house and asked me to leave. He also used to manhandle me during fights.”

Chahatt Khanna Instagram Post

Chahatt Khanna's Instagram Picture

Chahatt says that Farhan once tried to procure a bank loan using her name. “He even sold my car and jewellery for money,” she alleges, adding, “My second pregnancy was difficult; the baby’s weight was not normal, as I was almost starving. There was hardly any money at home and I had to be extremely selective about buying even food items. I have even sold my clothes online to survive that phase. It was not easy for me to get out of the house. I somehow sneaked out, taking some essentials with me,” she claims.

She says that her estranged husband tried every trick possible to separate her from her parents. She alleges, “He brainwashed my parents and moved them to Haldwani, Nainital. Once they left Mumbai, he stopped taking their calls, but fortunately, they returned for me. No parents would tell their daughter, especially when she is married for the second time with two kids, to leave her husband. My parents did that to save me. My mom told me to run away from him because he wouldn’t let me leave him. No mother in the world would say that.”

She adds, “He would threaten to commit suicide all the time, even at my parents’ home. That’s also the reason why I couldn’t leave him, as I was scared. Initially, I feared being judged for the failure of my second marriage, as I was previously married to businessman Bharat Narsinghani.”

The contents are indeed shocking and we hope the truth comes out soon.

Image Source: lehrein, Instagram/chahattkhanna, shikharnews