Chahatt Khanna Shares A SCARY Flight Experience: 'I Felt Like I Was Going To Lose My Life'- EXCLUSIVE

Flight woes could be scary and life threatening at times. TV actress Chahatt Khanna faced a similar situation, the day before yesterday. The actress was in Delhi to attend an event. Post her event, she took a cab to the Delhi Airport and in the middle of nowhere, the driver stopped the cab requesting Chahatt for a selfie moment. The actress urged him to hurry up, but he refused to budge, so she threatened him by saying that she would call the cops and also reached out to her friend.

It’s only then that the driver dropped her to the airport. This incident happened around 4 in the morning and the actress had a 6am flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

If this wasn’t enough to leave her tensed, Chahatt��s troubles doubled up after boarding her flight. When the plane was in the runway, suddenly, the brakes were applied at a tremendous force due to which the oxygen masks got down. This brought in a panicky situation as everyone started praying for their safety. Chahatt too was scared to bits, but thankfully, after a bit of a struggle, the plane came to a halt and all the passengers were safely escorted to board another flight.

We contacted Chahatt and sharing the scary incident, she told us, "It was a very difficult day for me. The driver in the cab to the airport was heckling me to get out so he could take a selfie. I tried reaching out to my friend at 4 am in the night and I told the driver that the cops would be coming soon. And then the runway brakes happened. It felt like I was going to lose my life that day, but thankfully, I survived and everyone on the flight survived. Finally, I could breathe a sigh of relief after reaching home."

All’s well that ends well!

Image Source:- instagram/chahattkhanna

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