Chandra Nandini 13 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: A drunk Bindusar threatens Charumati and spends the night in Dharma’s room

Soumyata Chauhan
Chandra Nandini 13 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Nandni hesitates to reciprocate Chandra's love

Bindusar (Siddharth Nigam) enters his bedroom. Charumati tells him that they might be childhood friends but they are husband-wife now and hence she will behave like his wife from now onwards. She gives him a glass of milk. He asks her to drink it first. She takes a sip. He says he can have the milk now as now he is assured that she has not mixed poison in it. She gets shocked. He goes and keeps his sword on the bed and says that it will always remain there as he will need it for his self defence as she might attack on him anytime. She asks him how can it be kept on their bed. He holds her neck. She starts gasping for breath and asks him to leave her.

Charumati picks up a knife in self-defence. Bindusar tells her that they might be husband-wife but there can be situations where someone might compel her to attack on him. He says he has heard many such stories where the queen got the king killed. He tells her that there would be no space for betrayal in their relationship. He asks her if she drinks alcohol. She tells him that she doesn’t. He pours some alcohol in a glass and starts drinking in front of her. He asks her how can she be so boring. She snatches the glass from his hand and starts drinking. Bindusar emraces her and tells her that love is just about this.

Bindusar tells Charumati that love makes people weak. He says that it was because of Durdhara’s love for Chandra, why she trusted Nandini. He tells her that he would never want to fall in love. He sees Charumati sleeping and tells himself that no one is ever going to come and wipe off his tears. He gets reminded of Dharma’s words and decides to confront her for lying to him. Dharma gets shocked to see a drunk Bindusar on her door.He falls on her. She makes him stand and tells him that he should have come to her room on his first wedding night. Bindusar goes and locks the door from inside. Dharma gets shocked.

Prabha (Shweta Basu Prasad)  feels uneasy in Chandra’s bedroom. She goes and lies on the floor to avoid Chandra. Chandra enters the bedroom and gets shocked to see her lying on the floor. He picks her up in his arms and takes her to his bed. She requests him to leave her. Nadini finds it difficult to sleep and goes and stands at the balcony. Chandra asks her if there is a problem. She tells him that she doesn’t remember anything. He tells her how did they meet and how did they turn into lovers. Nandini goes back to her bed. Late night, she gets woken up by a bad dream and gets shocked to see Chandra sleeping on a sofa. She feels bad for him and decides to put her blanket on him.

She slips and falls on Chandra. He wakes up and asks what is she trying to do. He asks her if she was trying to take advantage of the fact that he was asleep. He tells her that he knows they are married now but that doesn’t mean she can pounce on him like this. Prabha backs off and tells Chandra that she had just come to put a blanket on him. He tries to come close to her. She asks him not to behave like a monkey. He gets reminded of an old incident. Prabha regrets calling the king a monkey. Chandra tells her that she used to call him with that name earlier.Prabha asks him not to manipulate her and says that she is not his wife.Chandra vows to make her recall her memory.

Apama tells Helena that she is afraid that Bindusar might soon get to know the truth about his mother’s death. She tells her that she must leave the palace right now because Bindusar might react very violently on coming to know that they were behind Durdhara’s murder. ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini 12 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra asks Prabha to spend the night in his bedroom