Be the change! Get inspired by UN’s ‘Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World’

Swapna Raghu Sanand
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Climate change is affecting every aspect of life on our planet. A little action goes a long way. Recognizing this, the United Nations has published ‘The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World’, which lists several easy-to-do steps to enable every individual to make a meaningful impact.

What usually happens is that most of us feel lazy about getting started with these tiny baby steps.

From the UN’s guide, here are some must-do tips that are worth adopting in your daily routine:

1. You can save electricity by plugging your appliances into a power strip and turning them off when not
in use. Yes, this includes your computer.

2. Turn off lights if you don’t need to use it.

3. No more paper bills and statements! Pay your bills online or through your mobile phone.

4. Donate what you don’t use.

5. Zero waste in your daily choices. Use refillable water bottle and coffee mug.

6. Take your own bag when you go out shopping.

7. Opt for minimally packaged food.

8. Chuck out your old appliances, replace with energy-efficient models.

9. Eat less meat, fish and poultry.

10. Every time you use a washing machine, make sure the load is full.

Little steps are all it takes. In a country like India, climate change significantly impacts the lives of farmers and has a direct linkage with rural poverty. The livelihood of small farm holders is impacted by the slightest variations caused by climate change.

A comprehensive study by Aparna Radhakrishnan and Jancy Gupta titled, ‘Vulnerability of dairy-based livelihoods to climate variability and change’ highlights how disruptive weather events impacted dairy farmers.

The study also delves into how many new innovative practices such as more chilling units for farm-fresh milk, low-cost automatic water supply system for animals and installation of climate-friendly cattle sheds with cooling mechanism have benefited local dairy farmers.

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Across the world, communities are coming together to take meaningful steps towards sustainable living practices. There are plenty of real-life examples to take inspiration from. Sustainable goals are achievable when we make mindful choices that minimize waste.