We need to change the way we see beauty: Jennifer Lawrence

In a moving speech, American actor Jennifer Lawrence talks about how society pushes men and women to adhere to a certain standard of beauty.

The actor, who had also been a victim of body shaming, commented, "It's hard to hear that you need to lose weight when you think that you are perfectly fine with your body. I know that there are lots of filmmakers that have this idea of this unobtainable, perfect body image and they put those unobtainable pressures on people."

The Hunger Games actor highlighted how the audience tends to watch actors and compare their respective bodies. They resort to photoshopping and suffer body image issues, she remarked.

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"We judge people in all the wrong ways...I am so tired of hearing women call other women fat. We have to think about the way we talk about each other. We need to change the way that we see beauty," she expressed.