Changing the face of digital era: Sarvesh Pancholi

Sarvesh Pancholi, a young tycoon in the digital world based out in Indore has followed his passion throughout which makes him stand out today. His success is remarkable all that's because of his ideas and innovations which makes him an inspiring individual too.

His way of learning is highly appreciable, unlike the students of this generation who would spend money on learning and yet fail to reach any level. But Sarvesh did self-learning through YouTube videos, learned techniques of advertising. This shows us a cost-effective method of learning which is rarely seen these days.

A small investment made by him for buying a domain helped him climb the steps for making a revolution in the digital era which is DIGIHAKK, a training institute specialized in the field of digitial marketing and he has ambitiously come up with a Global Initiative which aims at providing training and consultation to young students and budding startups.This Initiative by the young digital savvy Sarvesh Pancholi which was started in 2016 has covered 3000+ students spreading across Indore, Ahmedabad, Udaipur. More than 622 started off with a successful business and are earning efficiently through IT field. The Goal of the initiative is to offer lower rates for developing their businesses.

This extraordinary man, through his engaging work, has definitely changed the face of digital world.