Charli XCX opens about up about therapy and mental health stigma

Olivia Petter
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Charli XCX has opened up about the stigma surrounding therapy in the UK.

Speaking on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio, the “Boys” singer explained that while she has never sought out therapy, she thinks it’s something “everyone” should have to help their mental health, and is now considering it herself.

“I’ve never done it before, just because it’s felt a bit alien to me, but I’ve never been anti it, I think I’ve just been nervous. Now I’m like, ‘Okay, I think I really want to do that.’”

The 27-year-old musician went on to explain why she might’ve had reservations about therapy in the past.

“I feel like there is this stigma in the UK about, ‘Oh therapy, it’s a bit LA isn’t it?’ I really do think that.

"I think it’s less common here to be very open about it. I think there’s also a thought that only really rich people can get a therapist and I don’t think that’s the case.”

“I’m not anti-therapy at all. I’ve never been anti it; I think it’s brilliant and great and I think everybody should have it because it’s like going to the doctors.”

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She said: “It’s like you go for a physical checkup and so you should do the same for your mental health.”

The singer’s comments come after she spoke out about her struggles with depression, explaining in an interview with Spin that her new album is about exploring that.

“I’m being more honest than ever before,” she told the publication. “It’s been very therapeutic.”