Charlie's Angels: Fun femme fatale

Film: Charlie's Angels

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Elizabeth Banks

Director: Elizabeth Banks

Rating: * * * and a half

The opening scene in the film under review seems to justify female exploitation of sexuality on the grounds that society (make that men) doesn’t expect intelligence in women. T (and plenty of mostly bloodless violence).

Your reviewer is happy to note that female empowerment and themes of friendship, courage and teamwork underline the third film in the Charlie’s Angels franchise that began with the ‘70s TV series about gorgeous crime-busters who set out on dangerous missions on behalf of an espionage outfit where every handler is named Bosley!

Elizabeth Banks directs, co-scripts and stars in the reboot as Mrs Bosley, often joining the Angels who are adept at martial arts and disguise(including some very bad wigs) to battle baddies in action packed scenes.

MIT educated nerd Elena Houghlin (Naomi Scott) informs Angels Sabina (Kristen Stewart) and Jane (Ella Balinska) that the technology she has researched for her billionaire employer Alexander Brock (Sam Claflin) could be weaponised to kill innocents instead of providing clean energy.

Unsurprisingly, she is targeted by a hit man named Hodak (Jonathan Tucker) who, in my humble opinion would be ideal in the role of an evil Terminator. The story moves at a frenetic pace across the globe with a couple of plot twists thrown in for good measure, one or which involves the Angels’ chief mentor John Bosley played by Patrick Stewart. Needless to say, Mr Stewart is impressive. And the Angels including new recruit Elena? Terrific!

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