'Traditional or modern?': Charming Chennai flat mixes old and new styles

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As a migratory wife, Pramila Gupta has perfected the art of setting up home. So much so, she is working towards becoming a full-time product stylist. A PhD scholar in Organic Chemistry, she refers to herself as a rookie in the world of home decor. “I couldn’t resist following my passion,” she says.

The self-taught product stylist is known for her budget-friendly home makeovers and DIY experiments with sustainable/upcycled décor. The most recent example is a kiddie canopy tent, fashioned out of old sarees. “It garnered 1.6 million views – a first for me; it will always remain special,” adds Pramila.

“I’ve never taken a design professional’s help; it gives me an excellent opportunity to personalize my home according to my taste and family’s needs,” says the mother of two. She spends every second of her free time on weeknights and Sundays to create the colourful compositions that define Instagram grid. “But I feel gratified at the end of the day,” concludes the Chennai-based décor enthusiast.

(Pramila Gupta is a self-taught product stylist who lives in Chennai with her family of four. Find her on Instagram @colour.window)

The foyer sets the tone for the home’s contemporary-traditional style.

#MyHomeMyStyle Pramila Gupta
#MyHomeMyStyle Pramila Gupta

The living room draws on elements of the cottagecore aesthetic with floral prints, chunky knits and sustainable weaves.

#MyHomeMyStyle Pramila Gupta
#MyHomeMyStyle Pramila Gupta

Pramila’s love for yellow is evident across her home. “I keep experimenting with it in various décor settings,” she says.

#MyHomeMyStyle Pramila Gupta
#MyHomeMyStyle Pramila Gupta

Watch Pramila’s viral IG Reel, featuring the making of a kiddie canopy tent from an old saree.

A view of the dining area with a gallery wall in passageway.

#MyHomeMyStyle Pramila Gupta
#MyHomeMyStyle Pramila Gupta


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