‘Chasing Dreams’ Rapper PopOffke Is Set To Release His Next Superhit Song!

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By now you are sure to have heard of PopOffKe and his latest single "Chasing Dreams". It is nearly impossible to not be familiar with this very talented artist unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months. “Chasing dreams” features the classic PopOffKe style that has become PopOffKe’s trademark over the years. But how does one go about establishing themselves as an artist who is recognised only by his style of music? Read on to know more.

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PopOffKe is a musical artist from Sacramento California. By profession he is a rapper and music composer who officially debuted in the year 2020. Recently he hit more than 36,000 followers on Instagram and has over 10,000 listeners on Spotify. Many may consider this success already. But for PopOffKe the journey is nowhere near complete.

PopOffKe’s passion for music started when he was a little child. At just the age of three, PopOffKe found himself playing the drums and soon moved on to other instruments and took up singing as well. As he grew older it only became more and more apparent that a future in music is what he would like the most. Although he was inspired by many other artists, since PopOffKe has been involved in appreciating and creating music of his own for so long that his songs are mostly like a genre of their own.

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“Chasing Dreams” is an excellent example of what PopOffKe can actually accomplish and create once he puts his mind to it. The two and half minutes long music video has got over 500 life and more than 13000 views in only a month since its release on the 20th of April this year. PopOffKe is also the founder of his own entertainment and media Distribution Company by the name of PopOff entertainment. Both PopOffKe and his agency have garnered quite some attention from followers and listeners all over the world. With ABCD PopOffKe saw a huge rise in his listener base and has more than doubled his monthly views and streams over multiple platforms.

There is good news for all of his fans. PopOffKe has recently revealed that he is writing his next hit title. People all over the globe are reasonably excited and heavily anticipating the news of it. However, PopOffKe has only said that it will come out sometime next week- nothing more nothing less. On this his fans have got even more hyped up and there are many theories about what this new song could be on. Nothing is for sure though until and unless the artist himself uploads the video on YouTube. PopOffKe has only given hints that it will be a hit for sure and will go viral upon its release. So, stay tuned for that.