Chata, The Cute Munchkin Kitten With The Cutest Sleeping Poses!

Amritha K

He may look like he's lost all hope in life, but the teeny tiny smile on his face while he sleeps away tells everything is purrfect. Chata, the wee little munchkin kitten has taken Instagram by storm with his out-of-the-world cuteness.

There's no denying that munchkin cats are ADORABLE but Chata here has taken it to the next level. Chata is a little Calico Munchkin kitten who broke the internet with his sleeping positions. The tiny baby likes to sleep flat on his back, which makes him look slightly human.

And no, it is not a one-time thing. Chata's parents have said in the posts that the droplet from heaven always sleeps in these weirdly cute positions. The orange and white furball who is two-and-a-half months old has already found a place in netizen's hearts.

Although a newbie to Instagram, his adorableness has made him way too popular, with people religiously following his account, which he shares with his lady friend Chava, who is also a munchkin.

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