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It’s The Cheapest Time to Book a Flight—Check Out These Last-Minute Affordable Destinations

Nowadays, booking a flight can cost an arm and a leg. With so many fees and hidden charges, we can shell out more than $1,000 on just a one-way ticket within the U.S. Low season is in February and March, and according to most airlines, that's the best time to book travel. Waiting until the holidays or the summer when everyone is off from work can have disastrous effects on your bank account. It's always suggested to book travel during low season and, more specifically, book a flight for a day in the middle of the week, like Tuesday, whenever possible. This is recommended for finding the best deal. We caught up with Yaireth Cruz, a flight attendant for a major airline, who often travels outside of work and tries to save whenever possible.

When is the best time to travel if you're on a budget?

The best time to travel would be February through March, during what is considered "low season." Low season is whenever people are not traveling as much because schools are in session or they are working. High season is spring/summer when kids are out of school and people often take vacations.

What are the cheapest destinations?

The best value trip that I've ever been on was to Asia where I only spent $2,000 for 16 days and 15 nights (airfare and housing included). The best places to fly internationally to when you're on a budget are Southeast Asia, Central and South America.

What airlines are the cheapest to book flights on?

The most affordable airlines to fly on are Spirit and Frontier, but you have to know how to fly with them. They have extra charges for things you think they wouldn't charge for. If you book with them, make sure you read the fine print and travel light (carry-ons only). I also like booking travel on apps like Skyscanner, Hopper, Kayak and Google Flights. You can filter flights based on your budget and book directly with the airlines. I always recommend booking directly with an airline versus a third party—third parties will charge you extra, and if there are any changes, can double your initial booking cost.

How do you stay safe when traveling?

I'm always cautious, but I think there's always a risk when traveling. You have to do tons of research before going to a destination. Things like finding out if you need to get vaccinated and always washing your hands are essential when traveling. I like to carry disinfectant wipes and a little medicine kit with me whenever I go anywhere. More importantly, you should always book with travel insurance. Travel insurance can do things like refund your flight if needed or, in more serious cases, pay for medical expenses overseas where some insurances aren't accepted.

Ready to book? Read on for the best travel options now.

It’s The Cheapest Time to Book a Flight—Check Out These Last-Minute Affordable Destinations

It’s The Cheapest Time to Book a Flight, Check Out These Last-Minute Affordable Destinations

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