'Check her identity': Netizens furious with Katy Perry for disobeying security protocol at Mumbai Airport

Katy Perry is making headlines again however it is not because of her amazing performance at the One Plus Music Festival on Saturday. Fans are accusing Katy of disobeying the security protocol at Mumbai airport.

Katy Perry was spotted at the Mumbai airport on Sunday after pulling off an amazing concert last night. A video that creeped on the internet on Sunday shows the American Pop sensation walking towards the entrance of the airport. A security official at the airport is seen trying to stop Katy from entering as he follows the basic airport protocol of asking her for her passport. However Katy and her team seem to ignore the security person.

Well, the same fans who showered love at Katy when she arrived in India are furious with her reaction. Fans have been accussing Katy of disrespecting and disobeying the security procol.

Some even said she was arrogant.

Here's the video and some of the reactions:

Wondering what the Shah Rukh Khan incident is? Well, let us enlighten you..

Perry's treatment is in stark contrast to the treatment meted out to Indian celebrities abroad.

Shah Rukh Khan has been detained thrice at the US airports. SRK was last detained at the Los Angeles International Airport in 2016. The incident was the third in a span of seven years. The reasons for the actor running into trouble with US immigration and airport authorities were not clear.

“I fully understand & respect security with the way the world is, but to be detained at US immigration every damn time really really sucks,” Khan had tweeted.

The same incident took place in 2009 at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and in 2012 at Westchester County airport near New York

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