WhatsApp blue tick off? Here’s how to still know whether your message is read or not

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This method was first discovered back in March of 2018. WhatsApp is yet to roll-out a fix for it.

WhatsApp rolled out its 'blue ticks' feature back in 2014, which allowed the sender to know if the receiver has read the message or not. After the launch of this feature, the single tick meant that the message had been sent, double grey ticks meant that the message had been received but not yet opened, and two blue ticks meant that the receiver had read the message.

But not all users want people knowing if they have read the texts sent to them, so they disable the read receipt feature from the app settings. However, if you want to know, if the user with read receipts turned off has seen your messages or not, you can employ the given technique:

* Open the WhatsApp chat for the person you think has disabled read receipts.

* Send the person a voice note.

* If the person hears the voice note, the microphone icon will turn blue, which will confirm that the person has been receiving your messages reading them and not replying.

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This is not a new method to confirm if the user has been reading your messages or not. It was first discovered back in March of 2018. WhatsApp is yet to roll-out a fix for it.

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In other news, WhatsApp recently has been involved in a number of controversies. These include the Jeff Bezos’ phone hack and the revelation that thousands of WhatsApp Groups and their content were indexed by Google.