Chef Danie Abraham – Flavour may change with seasons, a chef may turn to Bollywood but Danie can perfectly match them all

Ever heard news like, “An international Chef being a part of Bollywood.?” Well, all of are getting true, because people have started realising, “It’s one life, we have to create best out of it and try being a part of as many wonders as we can”. Wonderful to say and wonderful to feel. An amazing list of experiences which will get transferred from a hand making Cocktail Cakes to a person leading Bollywood. Soon to be making a debut, Chef Danie Abraham, is all set to get the world rock and roll by her passion and desires, which has just been seen in her Culinary skills till today. Her dishes have been tasted along by many Hollywood stars like Puff Daddy, Pharrell Williams, Antonio Banderas, Mario Chalmers, Bryant McKinnie, etc. who can't stop appreciating the talent. A talent which with her entry in Bollywood, her decisions, have wowed people with just one line “what is she can't do?”

Her talent, it got a path on that 2010 New Years eve, when this aspiring heart wanted to get her guests served with an alcohol dessert that was strong but not overpowering and can wow all her guests. She knew about rum cakes, but she wanted something different to present as for her knowledge, she had quite an idea about the components of alcohol. A lot of experimentation with the filling and finally she came upon with something which left her guests amazed. With all the pictures posted on Social media, she received Ciroc, then Jorge of Gulf Liquors, who finally introduced her to Miami Ciroc ambassador Debby Coda, who helped her take this dish to another level. There she started a way where her cocktail cakes can reach out all over the world, which soon took its way. Since long, this success making chef has been creating and finding ways to stay fresh and be ahead in the game of show and for sure, Bollywood too awaits such rising fresh ideas which will give the industry a new outlook. She says “I am already in a lane of my own, its all about setting the bar” and when it comes to Bollywood the best line for her is “She is all ready with her ideas, passion and desires, all the same needs is a show to present”. Nope, this shows not to check her capabilities (a self-check), but for increasing her confidence of heart, that whatever she accepts herself to be, she can create herself that.

Being a single mother, she always had to work hard. She knew the struggle from start but giving up, this was never a part of her dictionary. She is a memory creator, who knows how to spend time with her loved ones like Jeanette. The way she worked and the way she spent time in the kitchen with Jeanette, she knew that being a chef is what she want to spread and to extend her love and connection of food. He loves her work and with every dish she presents, there comes an amazing flow of feelings to the plate. She serves all like a mother and is blessed to be loved by all. According to her, “To present well as per the need, I assess clients needs. I try to know their likes, dislikes, eating patterns, habits and with all the knowledge I obtain, I transfer it all to their plate.” Her Cocktail Cakes has been the best of all which took life with every effort she put into it while it got ready. For all the people who have tried this product, there is some star celebrities name added too, like, Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell, Drake, Pitbull, T.I., DJ Khaled, MGK, Robin Thicke, etc. (for sure a desire of all to get such clients to serve).

Talking about the Chef's personal favourite, she likes it all with Asian influences with a small mix of Caribbean and Southern flare in same. From an exotic pasta to all cakes her clients were all happy and satisfied but was she?

Well, she wanted to try and her wish to try making her enter Bollywood, where not just her dishes but also her lively nature can create wonders. In one recent interview with her to know the reasons behind Bollywood all she said is- “With all the reason of my hire, they knew I had that burning desire. I am meant to create wonders and I will do the same. People say, not all plate is for everyone but me, I can recreate the plate and make it mine. I will give my best in whatever I am a part of just like those sexiest frosting and cake flavours which was a part of my best cakes. Its an honour being a part of every event I am called upon to be a part of and Bollywood is one such add up to my profile which is calling me out to show that flavour may change with seasons, but I know how to match them all.”