Cherry Trailer: Impressed with Tom Holland's Versatility, Fans Say 'Oscar is Coming'

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Tom Holland may be known for his career-defining character Spiderman, but it seems the Russo Brothers have raised the bar for the friendly neighbourhood superhero in his upcoming movie titled Cherry. The trailer of the Apple TV + movie was launched last weekend and has given us a glimpse of Tom’s versatility in acting.

Cherry is based on a 2018 novel by Nico Walker by the same name that traces the story of an army medic struggling with opium addiction after he returns home from war. Tom’s character turns to robbing banks to cope with his addiction problem. The trailer also features Ciara Bravo, who plays Tom’s love interest and emotional support in the movie.

Tom is collaborating with Russo Brothers, with whom he has previously worked in Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War. The novel was adapted for the screen by Angela Russo-Otstot (younger sister of Russo brothers) and Jessica Goldberg. Since being released on YouTube, the trailer of Cherry has garnered over 3.5 million views. The trailer shows Tom’s character breaking the fourth wall speaking directly to the audience and some fresh performance from the 24-year-old.

The trailer has also created a buzz on social media where fans are posting their reactions on Tom’s latest project.

One of the fans tweeted that Tom’s student look in Cherry looks more Peter Parker than the original character’s look in the Spiderman movie.

While some fans also believe that Tom’s performance in Cherry might even win him an Academy Award.

In an interview to Variety, Russo Brothers said that they were not quite sure about the script of Cherry until they thought of Tom playing the lead role. The makers said that the opioid drama is dark and relevant to the present times where it is similar to the modern military experience in the US.

They also mentioned that Tom is a likable and appealing actor and once they started thinking about him as a character, the whole movie opened up for them as a possibility because he was their road to an accessible, exciting, enjoyable version of a difficult film.