Chhole, Kadhai Paneer and Achhaar: MasterChef Australia Judges are Tripping on Desi Dishes

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Not many food lovers can deny that Indian food is packed with flavours, textures, colours and not to forget spice. Even the judges of MasterChef Australia couldn’t deny this as the aroma, and taste of the Indian meal impressed them.

In its latest episode of MasterChef Australia Season 13, judges sampled contestant Depinder Chhibber’s traditional Indian meal that included chickpea curry, cauliflower parantha, and pickle. She had prepared the pickle using her grandmother’s recipe. She accompanied the tiffin with kadhai paneer, stir-fried rice and fried okra chips.

When judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen tasted the samples, Depinder explained to them that such meals are traditionally consumed during lunch hour in India.

On sampling the meal, the judges were mind blown with the flavours and were left impressed at the intricacies during the preparation of the dishes. Initially, Jock scared the contestant by pretending that her meal wasn’t good enough. However, he soon told her the truth and even gave her a high five.

Jock went on to explain that most contestants think that “precision cooking” is about sharp cuts which are not necessary. The way Depinder prepared a complete meal qualifies for precision cooking. Jock was impressed at the manner in which Depinder cooked the capsicums and onions and still, they remained crunchy and loved the thick curry of chickpea. The judge liked the flavours of the pickle so much that he asked Depinder to get some of her grandmother’s pickle in a jar for him.

When an emotional Depinder explained to the judges that she grew up eating this meal, Melissa was quick to self-invite herself at her home. She even suggested Depinder start a restaurant and serve such dishes to the customers. Andy too loved the emotions Depinder put in to prepare the meal. She received a huge round of applause from all the three judges and contestants.

Meanwhile, on social media, the viewers too celebrated home-cooked meals and praised Depinder for making India proud with her brilliant dishes.

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