Child feeling lethargic in winter? Here are tips to keep them active

winter, lazy child

Winter can make kids feel lazy. (Source: Getty Images)

Studies have recorded a drop in overall physical activity in children, which might further reduce during the winter season since they may feel sleepy and lethargic most of the time, due to various factors from quality of the weather, lack of sunlight to how winter affects your child's mood. In that case, they may feel reluctant to get out of bed or spend most of the time watching TV or playing on the mobile phone.

Physical activity keeps a child healthy by improving their bone and muscle health and also develops their cognitive abilities. Here are some ways in which parents can ensure their child remains active during winter.

1. Play games

Playing outside can expose children to vitamin D through sunlight, which helps in regulating body processes, improves immunity and also works as an antithesis to bad mood. In case it is too cold outside, you can encourage kids to device games that can be played inside the house. Parents can also participate in some board games with kids.

2. Learn some moves

Play some music at home and appreciate as your child grooves to it. You could also enroll them in a dance class or simply encourage them to pick up some moves from YouTube and practise at home.

3. Clean the house with you

This way, your child will not only stay active but will also learn new skills while helping you clean. You can start by getting them to tidy up their own room first. To encourage kids, allow them the choice to decorate the room in their own way.

4. Exercise

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), children aged 5-17 should ideally invest in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily. And exercise is one of its essential components, to prevent obesity and related diseases. Make it part of your routine to exercise with your child. Here are some yoga asanas your little one can try.

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5. Make DIY crafts

This can keep your child active while improving their creativity and concentration skills. Take them to buy the required material for DIY crafts and design them as they want.