Children with Severe Covid-19 May Exhibit Neurological Symptoms, Says Study

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A case study has surfaced informing about the harmful effects of the COVID-19 on human health, especially children. It has revealed that children suffering from severe COVID-19 may show symptoms like neurological issues and brain damage. During the study, researchers observed 27 children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome. They believe that this potentially fatal condition is associated with the novel coronavirus.

The researchers from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London noticed that four children, aged between 8 and 15 years, exhibited neurological symptoms. The case study published in JAMA Neurology divulged that the four children experienced confusion, disorientation, muscle weakness and headaches. However, they did not suffer from such problems before contracting the infection.

According to Business Insider, adults are also vulnerable and they can show brain damage and neurological symptoms because of the coronavirus. Patients with mild cases may experience such symptoms too. Several other research have suggested that people can exhibit neurological symptoms due to blot clotting related to the deadly virus.

The JAMA Neurology study said that the two children fully recovered after they were administered medicine to cure inflammation. But, the other two did not completely recover, continuing to show symptoms. In their case, muscle weakness was so severe that they required a wheelchair for the movement.

According to CNBC, health officials in April witnessed a rise in COVID-19 cases in children suffering a rare inflammatory condition. The news website reported that symptoms of pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome were similar to that of Kawasaki syndrome. Due to Kawasaki syndrome, a patient’s blood vessels of the heart swell. It mainly affects children under the age of five.

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