Childs Farm: Mother claims baby’s severe eczema was cured by bargain moisturiser

Sabrina Barr

A mother has claimed that her baby’s severe eczema was cured by applying a bargain moisturiser.

Joanne Nevin is a 28-year-old mother of three from Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland.

When her baby Kelisha was three months old, Nevin, who is currently pregnant with her fourth child, noticed patches of eczema developing on Kelisha’s elbows and legs.

Joanne Nevin first noticed patches of eczema on Kelisha's skin when she was three months old (Childs Farm)

Kelisha’s condition steadily worsened, causing the young tot immense pain and discomfort.

“Her face was full of patches as if she’d had boiling water poured over her. It was just a big scab,” Nevin said.

“She was always scratching and uncomfortable.”

Nevin would receive unwanted looks from strangers when they spotted Kelisha's skin condition in public (Childs Farm)

Nevin had to endure lots of unwanted attention from strangers, with one adult rudely remarking on the state of her baby’s skin in public.

At first Nevin’s doctor believed Kelisha was reacting to a milk allergy.

However, doctors then began prescribing steroid creams for the baby that only provided short-term relief for the eczema.

Nevin is currently expecting her fourth child (Childs Farm)

When Kelisha was six months old, Nevin decided to see if the Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser could soothe her skin after reading positive reviews of the product online.

“By the time Kelisha was six months old she had been in and out of the doctors and appointments with a paediatrician,” she said.

“She was given prescription steroids and emollients, they all worked temporarily but after a couple of weeks the symptoms would come back.

Nevin decided to try the Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser on Kelisha's eczema after reading about it online (Childs Farm)

“I read an article about Childs Farm online, so I decided to give it a go. Within four weeks Kelisha was like a different baby.”

Nevin was finally able to dress her baby in normal clothes without the youngster feeling uncomfortable in her own skin.

Nevin paid a mere £4.50 for the Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser in June 2017.

Kelisha's eczema symptoms haven't returned since her mother started applying products from Childs Farm (Childs Farm)

She then purchased the Childs Farm Bubble Bath with organic tangerine oil, which she believes also helped clear Kelisha’s skin.

Joanna Jensen, founder of Childs Farm, commented on Kelisha’s skin success story, saying: “We are delighted that our products have helped Joanna manage little Kelisha’s eczema.

“Eczema can be a distressing condition, and those who develop patches on the face often attract unwanted attention when out in public.”