Chillblaine is the new villain in 'The Flash' Season 7

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Chillblaine is the new villain in
Chillblaine is the new villain in

26 Jan 2021: Chillblaine is the new villain in 'The Flash' Season 7

The TV series, The Flash, is getting a new villain this season.

The seventh season of the DC franchise has zeroed in on Chillblaine as the new Flash nemesis this time, roping in Shadowhunters star Jon Cor for the role.

He will take up the role of scientist Mark Stevens having the alter ego of Chillblaine in the series.

Here's more on this.

Character: Chillblaine uses cold weapons to fight Flash

As per the DC comics line-up, Chillblaine is not a single entity.

It is rather a name given to several supervillains of The Flash who happen to have romantic relationships with the female supervillain Golden Glider aka Lisa Snart.

According to the official character synopsis, Cor's Chillblaine is obsessed with cryogenic technology and uses his own cold weapons to fight The Flash and his aides.

Features: Chillblaine is also a good looker

Besides being a genius, Chillblaine's sociable ego of Mark Stevens looks really good, something which Cor, who has played the New York Institute tutor Hodge Starkweather in Shadowhunters, can obviously pull off well.

This is the first appearance of this DC supervillain in the series, which means Cor gets to play the first of the four Chillblaines romancing Golden Glider.

Expectations: Chillblaine's arrival strengthens chances of Golden Glider's return

This news also means that fans can hope to see Golden Glider return in the seventh season, as Chillblaine follows her commands.

To note, Peyton List had played the role of the icy-cold supervillain in the first two seasons of The Flash.

However, the comic's storyline suggests that the first Chillblaine gets killed by Golden Glider when she is possessed by Eclipso.

Season 7: Godspeed to be one of the most dangerous villains

Showrunner Eric Wallace wants comic lovers watching The Flash to know that the upcoming season will also have Godspeed as one of the most formidable villains.

However, the show has faced a slight premiere delay. It has been pushed from the original date of February 23 to March 2 because of the 90-minute premiere of Superman & Lois on the previous date.

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