China Dethrones North America to Emerge As the World’s Biggest Movie Market Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Reports Global Times

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China emerges as the biggest movie market in the world when every country is suffering from COVID-19 Pandemic as it tops the box-office numbers in terms of revenue with 20.417 billion yuan ($ 3.1 billion) in 2020, surpassing that of North America ($ 2.1 billion). Maoyan, a Chinese ticketing platform on Friday announced that national theatre resumption rate reached 94.8 percent by the end of 2020. Which also means that moviegoers in China have broken free to catch up with their favourite movies on the big screen. However, cases of the new strain of the novel coronavirus have been reported in the country too which might affect the multiplex business of China in coming time. Wonder Woman 1984 Box Office: Gal Gadot’s Superhero Film Has The Highest Opening Weekend of the Pandemic, Rakes in $85 Million Globally Bringing Christmas Cheer

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced nationwide lockdown in many countries affecting the theatre business adversely and this even affected China as the box-office numbers dropped more than 70 percent year-on-year, the China Film Administration said on Friday, According to a report of China Media Group. Speaking of North America, that usually dominates the world’s box office had the lowest sales in four decades courtesy to the global pandemic. China turns out to be the fastest-recovering film market and the BO numbers says the whole story. According to ticketing platform Maoyan’s real-time data, box office during New Year’s Day, the one day BO revenue reached nearly 600 million yuan ($91.8 million), which are record-breaking figures considering COVID-19 Pandemic. 26 Years of The Shawshank Redemption: Morgan Freeman Is Thankful to Everyone Who Made This Box Office Flop One of the Most Beloved Movies of All Time

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Chinese movie The Eight Hundred is the highest-grossing movie of the pandemic and 2020 as it made a lifetime collection of 3.11 billion yuan. Global Times reports states "The number of theatres in China reached 11,856, an growth of 4.4 percent over 2019, and the number of screens increased 8.3 percent to 75,581, laying a foundation for the continued recovery of the film industry."