Chinese Horoscope 2020 - Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat

Chinese Horoscope 2020 - Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat

If you were born in these years - 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 - then the year 2020 is going to play a significant role in your life!

2020 is the year of the rat, according to the Chinese zodiac Calendar. As a smart Rat this year, you will relax and get your errands run by others. If in the previous year, you have worked tremendously then this year it is time to put all kinds of stress aside.

Do you want to find out how your love life will be in 2020? Will the New Year see you in the best of health? How much money will you make in 2020? Will you get success in your endeavors? Get answers to all these questions right here!

Dog Horoscope 2020

Dearest Dog! 2020 will be a fantastic year for you as it will bring good luck and prosperity in all spheres of your life. You are going to enjoy the surprises that the upcoming year holds for you and will greatly admire the opportunities coming your way in 2020.

You have the celebrated traits of honesty and faithfulness and this is what makes you extraordinary as compared to other zodiac signs. You are very selfless and take care of everyone around you. No matter what happens in life, you shall always be there to support your loved ones in adverse situations.

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Dragon Horoscope 2020

The Chinese New Year Horoscope predicts that 2020 will bring fortune and prosperity for you, dear Dragon! You will reach new heights in your career and will earn praise from all sides for your admirable qualities. So be ready to hear applause from all sides.

Your zestful nature makes you immensely passionate and energetic. If a task is assigned to you, then you put your heart and soul into it and always achieve success. You have a habit of welcoming challenges like an old friend and patting their backs once you overcome them with great enthusiasm.

And of course, your confidence remains unmatchable as compared to other zodiac signs. It is your innate quality to improve your abilities and enhance your capabilities. Your fervid nature exerts a powerful influence on all those who become a part of your social life.

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Horse Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dearest Horse! You are going to have a splendid year ahead because 2020 brings for you prosperity, luck and happiness. You will get a lot of good news and pleasant surprises this year and that will change the face of your life.

Your insightful and observant nature makes you the most free-spirited as compared to other zodiac signs. You have an innate ability to make quick and sensible decisions at a single go and this is what makes you unique and capable.

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Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dearest Monkey! 2020 is going to bless you with peace and serenity! You will achieve all your goals this year with the help of some co-ordinated techniques. Be prepared to witness changes that will alter your life for good.

Your intelligence and charm can convince anyone to agree with your opinion and make them believe that it was their own. You have an admirable ability to make others your mouthpiece and let them talk for you!

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Ox Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dear Ox! You must expect luck and favor in abundance with the advent of the Chinese New Year 2020. It is time that your hard-working nature brings to you the excellence of the world and makes the year a splendid one for you!

Oh yes! You strongly believe in the principles that form the basis of your life. Even in adverse situations, you will stick to your routines and follow it faithfully because this is what enhances your self-confidence and reliability.

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Pig Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dear Pig! Finally, your year comes to an end. So let us say our final goodbyes to the year of the pig 2019 and welcome the year of the metal rat 2020 with open arms! The new year will bring for you luck and prosperity in abundance.

Simplicity and sophistication are the attributes that define you. Your straightforward and undemanding approach makes you outshine everybody around you. You are highly admired for your fair and frank nature.

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Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2020

Lovely Rabbit, 2020 is right here to bring you luxury, opulence and plenty of riches! Your warm and peaceful nature makes you a calm and composed person. You are reserved in nature and avoid chaos at all costs because you do not want to let go of that peaceful life that you are leading.

Your innocence often makes you vulnerable and therefore, you do not readily accept anyone into your close circle. The other person needs to win your trust and only then they get an entry into your precious heart.

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Rat Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dearest Rat! 2020 will bring a lot of sparkling fireworks in your life. Your witty nature will help you undergo seemingly impossible feats and you shall be able to hit the jackpot this year. In 2020, you will be ruling the world as it is the year of the Metal Rat.

You are in love with freedom and therefore, privacy tops your priority list. You possess the ability to cut through the traps that bind you because you can never let go of that precious independence of yours.

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Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dear Rooster! 2020 has in store for you some bittersweet moments that are bound to give you memories for a lifetime. Dedicate this year to your family and friends as they are the people who will be at your side at all times!

Your majestic demeanor depicts your confidence and self-assurance. Dignity is something that you love to maintain. You are adored for your deserving qualities and this is what makes you feel on the top of the world.

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Goat Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dear goat! 2020 brings a lot of amazing revelations that shall ensure that luck shines upon you in the upcoming year. You are going to witness a good many changes in the upcoming year that will alter your life for the better.

Your delicate and affectionate nature makes you the most feminine Chinese zodiac sign. You are so tender-hearted that you care so much for those who are close to you. Your goodness is unmatchable as compared to any other zodiac.

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Snake Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dear Snake! You are going to witness a miraculous year in 2020. It will bring a plethora of new opportunities for you and provide you numerous chances to understand yourself in a better manner.

Your pleasing personality makes a lasting impression on anyone who meets you for the first time. You portray a perfect combination of beauty and brains and this is why you can easily charm others with your enticing outlook. Your calm composure and soft speaking skills make you immensely attractive and utterly irresistible.

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Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dear Tiger! A very fortunate year is on its way to bring to you a lot of opportunities to shine among your peers! Your dynamic nature and ferocious powers instill in you great leadership qualities. And this will help you reach the pinnacle of success within no time!

Your bravery and courage make you unique and praiseworthy. You are aware of your energetic demeanor that enables you to handle pressures easily. The enthusiasm and passion you have for your work brings the best out of you and makes you indispensable.

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