Chinmoy Das is making his way to Bollywood at a tender age

When you love something, and you are passionate to work on that, you don't feel you are working. You will feel like you are enjoying it. Even tough times becomes easy when you are passionate and working for your dreams.

We spotted one young talent who comes from a modest family. His father, a Govt Servant, wanted his son to complete studies and pass Govt exam and start Govt job like him. We are talking about a young talented visionary person, visionary because he loves to direct and produce spectacular things which people can love watching. Yes, we are talking about a young filmmaker who has a dream to make a top name in Bollywood - Chinmoy Das.

He is coming from small-town from the far east of India beautiful place of east Assam. Chinmoy comes from the small village of Assam with his strong belief and also with drinking lots of strong Tea... Just kidding. He is a believer who just cannot thing beyond film making. And it is not like he just likes it, he works on it. Chinmoy has done filmmaking studies and thought of joining B-town.

He came to Mumbai at a tender age of 19, I mean we were not even crossing our town for work, and this lad came from the east to work in Mumbai and that too in the most robust field of film making. Where you are seated with more than lacs of people who want to become an actor and director and to surpass them needs some talent.

He comes with the experience of making more than a whopping 55 short films and six semi feature films, we feel he is crazy, and the question is, does dreams of films allowing him to sleep or not?  He is not even 20 and produces and direct 55 short films while studying. He is a severe talent which needs proper support to come in the mainframe.

One thing is sure we will see this lad is going to direct movies for big production houses and we will also see him making his own production house. Chinmoy Das is an exceptional talent which is definitely going to shine in Bollywood with his work.