Chitrangada Singh: I Am Heartbroken That Baazaar Didn't Become A Hit At The Box Office

Vinod Dsouza

Saif Ali Khan, Chitrangada Singh and Radhika Apte starrer Baazaar released a few weeks ago and the movie received positive reviews from all corners. Despite being called a good and entertaining movie and having a well-known star cast, the movie failed to become a hit at the box office and slumped after a few days of its release. This has left Chitrangada Singh heartbroken and she said that it affected her a lot.

I Am Heartbroken By Baazaar's Run At The Box Office, Says Chitrangada Singh

"I don't feel depressive. Work does affect me a lot and it matters to me a lot, but I think what really gets to you is your personal life. I have been through that. If you can come out of that rough patch, you can learn to deal with things. I didn't get depressive. I was heartbroken," she said to Deccan Chronicle.

It's Difficult To Speak Your Mind These Days, It Would Remain In Print Forever

"It is difficult because you can't say whatever you feel like. Today you feel this way, as you might have just had a bad day. But if you say whatever you want to that will go in print and it will be there forever. You can't change it and people will hold those opinions about you."

As Humans, We All Change As Per The Times!

"You are not allowed to change your mind or opinions. But we do change, and probably what I thought in 2013 I don't think that anymore," said the Baazaar actress.

A Lot Of Things Have Changed For Me Personally, Said Chitrangada Singh

"I have probably changed the way I look at men, family and marriage or whatever. So sometimes you have check yourself and you have to be careful about what you say. I am not complaining though," she summed it up.

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