Choose Lotus for Shaheen Bagh-Free Delhi, Says Shah; Capital Law & Order Comes Under You, Reminds Sisodia

New Delhi: Union home minister Amit Shah on Saturday said there should be “no Shaheen Bagh” in Delhi and said voters must choose the BJP’s lotus symbol on February 8 when the capital votes so women on protest in the locality are made to leave by the evening of February 11, the election result day.

“We want a Delhi free of pollution, clean water in every household, 24x7 electricity, good facilities for education, no slums or unauthorised colonies, a rapid transport system, cycle tracks, world-class roads where there are no traffic jams and there is never a Shaheen Bagh… we want such a Delhi,” Shah said at the 'Jeet Ki Goonj' event organised for the BJP’s social media volunteers.

Shah termed Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's opposition to Citizenship Amendment Act as "shameful" and accused him of misleading the people of Delhi in the 2015 elections. He claimed the AAP chief will "fail" this time in the city as he had in Varanasi and Punjab.

"The BJP has won elections in the past that seemed very difficult. Our opponents had been happy, and supporters tense. But whenever our cyber warriors got into the act, we came out victorious," he said.

Targeting the AAP chief on CAA, he said, "Kejriwalji says BJP is worried about 'Pakistanis'. I want to tell them that 30 per cent of Delhi's population are people from Pakistan who came after partition. If this is your stand, it is shameful. They are only worried about their vote-bank. PM Modi wants to give citizenship to these refugees who are under a lot of distress. Should we not give them citizenship?"

The home minister also accused the AAP and the Congress of supporting the so-called "tukde-tukde" gang. "This 'tukde-tukde' gang who do politics of division in India question me. Anyone who supports anti-Indian sloganeering is part of that. The AAP and the Congress are part of it," he said.

Hitting back, Arvind Kejriwal asked Amit Shah not to make education a part of "dirty politics" or make fun of the hard work put in by students and teachers of Delhi government schools.

"Don't make education a part of your dirty politics. Please take out time and come with me to visit government schools. You are surrounded by negativity the whole day, meet our students, you will get some positivity. Do positive politics over education," he said at a press conference.

"I want to ask Amit Shah Ji, what do you even know about education? You have various state governments and the central government with you. Show me one school that you have improved," he challenged.

Responding to Shah’s Shaheen Bagh remark, Kejriwal’s deputy Manish Sisodia noted that the capital's law and order is the responsibility of the Centre and Home Minister Amit Shah, instead of looking for CCTVs and Wifi, should address the demands of Shaheen Bagh protesters.

"Maintaining the law and order in Delhi is the responsibility of home minister Shah and the central government. If there is any shortcoming in the law and order, the home minister should answer. It is sad that he is busy searching CCTVs with binoculars or is searching Wifi in Delhi with a discharged phone. He is not able to understand that there is some issue in the law and order. This is his responsibility," the Aam Aadmi Party leader said.