Out of Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie, Title of 'America's Ass' Goes to...

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Chris Evans might have handed over the Captain America shield to Anthony Mackie, but the Marvel actors were more curious on who would better describe America’s Ass. In a recent interview, Paul Bettany – who plays Vision in Marvel superhero movie Avengers – spilled the beans and revealed who won the coveted title. Speaking to KFC Radio, Paul talked about how the Marvel superheroes Chris and Anthony indulged in a serious conversation about which one among them had better looking butts. And to settle for once and for all, the two decided to have a squat jumping competition.

Sharing his opinion, the 49-year-old British actor said that he believes Anthony has a better-looking butt than Chris. However, the two actors did go ahead for the squat jumping contest where they had to jump over an obstacle.

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Paul told the KFC Radio hosts that Anthony was already confident that he would beat Chris in the competition. Like a responsible and caring fellow Avenger, Paul did realize the gravity of the situation and warned Chris that Anthony might really beat him in the game. Paul told Chris that Anthony has got more muscles in his buttocks than he has in his entire body. However, Chris remained true to his Captain America humility and let his performance do the talking as he beat Anthony in the squat jumping contest. Paul told KFC Radio that he himself was impressed and described Chris’ squatting ability as “unbelievable”.

However, Paul did say that when it comes to aesthetics, Anthony wins the title of America’s Ass. Anthony will soon be seen in upcoming MCU series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Paul has a thing for his butts. The Disney+ series will star the eponymous superheroes played by Anthony and Sebastian Stan and trace their travels around the world as they fight the anarchist Flag-Smashers.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives on Disney+ on March 19