Chris Myles’s Journey of Achieving Financial and Time Freedom Through Blogging and Online Business

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Financial freedom and Time freedom is a sophisticated topic since people are subjected to various misconceptions due to its ambiguous nature. In other words, people make it look easier than it really is. When a person starts their professional career, financial freedom becomes their priority given the wide range of benefits including freedom to live a lifestyle, freedom to acquire loans, live a debt-free life, and much more.

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Chris Myles, known as Benji’s Dad to his audience, and his wife were living that same mundane life. They had jobs which assured no financial stability, low pay, and leaving them with high-interest debt of more than $30,000. “To make things more dire, we had less than $500 in a bank account and the mortgage due! I honestly didn’t know what to do and considered bankruptcy,” explained Chris.

During this tough time, they were excited to find out they were pregnant with their first son, Benji. Due to the new turn of events, Chris was truly fearful of how he was to care for his growing family, especially when his wife expressed interest in quitting her day job to care for the family full-time. So he did what any new dad would do and started exploring other options to earn an income, preferably online.

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Chris is a full-time entrepreneur and blogger, who found his true passion of entrepreneurship after leaving his $60,000/year 9 to 5 corporate job. After searching, “how to make money online”, he was exposed to many methods that were just a waste of time. However, when he was on the verge of throwing in the towel, giving up and getting a second job, he came across the idea of blogging, YouTube, and content creation.

In the beginning, he carefully weighed all the options and made a plan that eventually lead to monumental changes in the lives of his family, and as months turned to years his risky decision to leave a well-paying career, has proven prudent. As he says quitting his job was, “the toughest and best decision I’ve ever made.” After quitting his job and dedicating time to building his internet empire through numerous businesses, niches he enjoyed, and many more, he turned to helping people do similar in their lives.

Today, Chris operates a very successful business where he helps his audience, mainly families wanting to leave the “rate-race”, to build a consistent and reliable income on topics they enjoy.

His journey of creating, monetizing, and coaching clients on how to build successful blogs on virtually any topic has given him the means to care for his family the right way. More specifically, by being available for his family rather than at a job for 15+ hours a day. His entrepreneurial aspirations have enabled him to generate over $500,000 in sales from various products using blogging, youtube, and podcasting as his primary ways to get leads. He also operates with top affiliate marketing companies and engages in “flipping” websites for profit, similar to flipping houses, but digitally.

It's been over 6 years since his primary blogging, channel, and business came into existence. When asked about his future plans, he replied, he wants to focus on coaching, training, and mentoring those who want to initiate change in their lives. Moreover, he says, “Eventually remove myself from the business and have it operating without me being directly involved, but that is a goal for much further down he line.”

Being a father, he wants to set an example for his son, Benji, through his business and entrepreneurial mindset. He believes it is pivotal that you become the source of your passive income and not working to be someone else’s.

His journey and life’s lessons are well documented in podcasts including “Hustle to Freedom”, Injoy Success, Make Time Online, and many more. Chris stands as an inspiration to many, as his resilience, dedication, and yearning for time freedom to do what he wants, when he wants, has created a path of success that would have never been possible without setting a plan and making the leap.

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