Christmas 2019: After 35 years, historical Church Bell to ring in Shimla!

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A 150-year-old historic bell in Himachal Pradesh will ring on Christmas after a long gap of 35 years. This worship call bell in Shimla’s Christ Church, which was dysfunctional for decades, has been restored recently. The residents of the city cannot hold their excitement to hear the sound of the bell after a period of over three decades. A local resident of the city, Victor Den, who is also a retired mechanical engineer, said that he took the responsibility upon himself of restoring the Chimes Bell in the church. Victor worked hard for about 20 days to get the work done and finally, now the bell is ready to ring.

"People will be very happy to see this bell ring again. It will be a nostalgic moment for them. Many people have spent their childhood in and around this church. We have fond memories related to the bell as well," Victor told ANI. According to Victor, the bell has been present in the church since before the independence of India. He said the bell required hard labour to be restored again and he got many parts of it manufactured locally. However, some parts had to be purchased from Chandigarh. He also said that he wanted to educate the youth about the mechanism and the rhythm and notes of the bell.

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The locals of Shimla said that Christ Church was built in the city around the year 1857. Most Christian denominations ring the Church bell to call people or to convey the start of a mass or service. Tourists present in the hill station are also excited to celebrate Christmas there. And the Christmas is going to be white as Himachal is receiving ample snowfall this time around. They are hopeful that the festival will bring all the people of the town together. A tourist reportedly said that even though he was away from his family at that moment yet he could feel the energy of Christmas with all the Indians and their families. The tourist also said that he was excited to hear the historic Church bell ring after decades in the city.