Christmas 2020 TV guide: The best films on telly for Wednesday, 23 December

Ben Dadds
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Finding Dory, Straight Outta Compton, The Night Before.
Finding Dory, Straight Outta Compton, The Night Before.

Christmas is finally here, and to guide you through the season we’ll be sharing the best movies on TV every day.

So take your pick from high drama, children’s fun, action and adventure as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Wednesday, 23 December.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Madness, unrequited love and rejection as orphaned girl becomes governess and falls for blunt boss in dark period drama Jane Eyre 10:20am BBC Two

Moroccan Muslim Sean Connery kidnaps American woman causing epic reprisals, epic plot and epic cinematography The Wind and the Lion 11:00am Sony Movies Action

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Boy’s book bends reality in dragon riding, giant tortoise waking, emotionally engaging meta-fantasy marvel The Neverending Story 1:45pm BBC One

Noah Hathaway as "Atreju" with the white dragon in a scene of the film "The neverending story" from 1983. (Photo by dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Noah Hathaway as "Atreju" with the white dragon in a scene of the film "The neverending story" from 1983. (Photo by dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images)

In the coolest night club in cinematic history a tough man must make a tough choice, hill-of-beans-not-amounting gem Casablanca 2:15pm BBC Two

Memory impaired Blue Tang seeks parents: whale-talking, Sigourney Weaver sirening, septopus assisting affecting fun Finding Dory 3:40pm BBC One

Heart warming tale of an inner city girl who discovers a talent for spelling in moving family drama in Akeelah and the Bee 5:00pm Film 4

Lonely, sleep-deprived santa-sceptic boy undertakes red-eyed rail excursion to uncanny valley in kids creepfest The Polar Express 6:00pm Sky 1

Returning aristocratic ape-man / ant-eater assists Congolese tribes to derail Belgian badguy’s plans for slavery: gorilla punching adventure The Legend of Tarzan (2016) 6:55pm ITV2

Indolent teacher submits to hard, sweaty man-on-man masochism to save his school band: pugilistic feel good fun Here Comes the Boom 7:00pm Sony Movies

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Bill Murray learns to love homeless, evades a psychotically deranged employee and gets fairy-punched. Christmas comedy Scrooged 7:00pm COMEDY CENTRAL

Inexplicably English DEA agent's poor parenting precipitates meth-head feud in chump bashing deep southern action fun Homefront 9:00pm Paramount Network

Car crime crew globetrot for mcguffin in motors and mammaries montaging Lykan Hypercar flying utter vehicular lunacy Fast & Furious 7 9:00pm ITV2

After discovering her husband's adultery, privileged and pompous older lady moves in with council estate sister in hot-stepping character led rom-com Finding Your Feet 9:00pm Film 4

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Hairy housemates, Vegas shrooms, pink eye, truth and beauty when oafish schlub Seth Rogen impregnates a gorgeous girl in Knocked Up 10:45pm ITV1

Telepath is pursued by malevolent government agency in David Cronenberg’s head exploding psycho-SciFi-Horror Scanners 10:50pm Horror Channel

Axe fighting sprinting enthusiast caught between evil English and fractious French finds love in epic gem The Last of the Mohicans 11:00pm Paramount Network

Sports-cheat, crestfallen-commitaphobe and church puker reach clarity on xmas eve in shroom fuelled chaotic comedy The Night Before 11:00pm COMEDY CENTRAL

The true spirit of Christmas (presents).
The true spirit of Christmas (presents).

Wily bounty hunter outsmarts FBI, mobsters and rivals to deliver money launder in characterful, flawless odd-couple fun Midnight Run 11:15pm Film 4

CIA rookie chases, protects and bonds with a very dangerous, jaded criminal in spectacular character driven action drama Safe House 11:45pm ITV4

Unsupervised daughter of loving but capricious working-poor mum innocently causes chaos in vibrant social study The Florida Project 1:45am Film 4

Amid ubiquitous police brutality and gang violence, reality-rappers NWA become angry voice of generation Straight Outta Compton 3:05am Channel 5

Moral complications of recognition and respect for emerging artificial intelligence, creativity and life explored in gay marriage metaphor Isaac Asimov’s Bicentennial Man 3:15am Sony Movies

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