Christmas Classics That Will Surely Get You In The Xmasy Mood!

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Christmas is just around the corner and we are already getting Christmas festive vibes. Those pretty Christmas decors, the lightings, and the tree give us amazing delight and peace. It means that it is the time for us to forget the past and negative memories of the year and prepare ourselves for the New Year which also brings new vibes and new beginnings for us.  

The way there are certain aesthetics of celebrating Christmas there are also Christmas classic movies which one prefer to watch during Christmas and give us the mood. These are the films that teaches us to reshape our lives and to relinquish the negative memories of life and move on with new spirit.

Here we take a look at five Christmas classic movies that one should not miss watching on during Christmas!

Christmas In Connecticut (1945)

Barbara Stanwyck plays Elizabeth Lane, who is a magazine columnist who risks being exposed as a phony if she can’t create the perfect Christmas at the Connecticut home. She writes about as a part of a PR stunt to reward GI Jefferson Jones (Dennis Morgan), who’s been eagerly waiting for tasting her recipes however the problem is there is no Connecticut home, and she can’t cook.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2003)

The story of the film takes place during the Christmas period. The film had the theme of redemption and forgiveness. The film cast’s includes Robert Downey Jr, Michelle Monaghan and Val Kilmer in the lead role. It is a story of a thief who pretends to be an actor and gets into Hollywood. He gets trapped into the mystery of his past. The film as all the crime, drama, a touch of love, and lots of twists.  

The Holiday (2006)

It is a romantic comedy film starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. It is a story of two girls who swap their home countries to get rid of their relationships. However, when they change the location they fall in love with local guys and their story takes a different turn. They decides to swap the houses a few days before Christmas.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

This film has a heartwarming story which lighten ups the spirit of Christmas. It is the story of Arthur played by James McAvoy who tries that no one disappointed with the gift on the Christmas morning. This film might also make you cry because of its story. The film is complete family entertainer.

Carol (2015)

Carol portrays the vacation as a time of possibility and hazard as the heartfelt, forbidden romance plays out against the backdrop of the 1952 Christmas season. The film features Cate Blanchett as the eponymous unhappy housewife, a woman who unexpectedly falls for Therese (Rooney Mara), a store clerk.