Chunky Pandey on How He Became the Biggest Star in Bangladesh

Did you know that Chunky Pandey is a huge star in Bangladesh? At one point in his career, he even shifted base to the country and began working in Bengali films. The Quint caught up with the actor who told us how it all happened and that he even took his wife for a honeymoon to Bangladesh as he was shooting there.

When he did decide to make his way back to India, Bollywood has forgotten him. He talks about his struggles and how he got back in the game.

He also talks about how he loves making people laugh and loves his characters like Aakhri Pasta and the Nepali character in Apna Sapna Money Money. But in Saaho he plays this evil don Devraj and the best compliment that he got was from Shakti Kapoor.

"“I got a call from Shakti Kapoor, who I started my career with. He saw ‘Saaho’ and he says, ‘You know Chunky, I have come out of the theatre and called you because I want to tell you that you actually scared me also in the film.’ I said wow, if I managed to scare Shakti Kapoor, then that’s a very big thing.”" - Chunky Pandey, Actor

Watch the video to know the mystery behind his surname being spelt as Pandey while his daughter Ananya’s surname is spelt as Panday.

Editor: Veeru Krishan Mohan

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