Chvker Jewelry: How this Visionary Brand Surpassed $1M+ in Revenue

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Predicted revenue will always be an estimation, a truth that transforms into a gamble for entrepreneurs setting up a new business. The hope is always that your revenue will at least justify the capital that you have invested in your business. Sometimes a business won’t only match its predicted revenue; it will surpass it. This was the case with the jewelry brand Chvker.

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Chvker (pronounced choker) sells dreamy jewelry pieces online, with butterflies being a recurring centerpiece within several collections. Those collections can be seen on the Instagram pages of trendsetting celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, a loyal fan of the brand. Chvker was conceptualized and created by a then eighteen-year-old college student, Nazlia Yunus.

Impressively, all that has notably changed since Yunus started her one-woman home-based business is the amount of revenue that it creates. Having now surpassed $1m in revenue, the brand has become a success story for anyone hoping to launch a business. Yunus, now twenty-four, started Chvker as a pastime, she would create jewelry and sell it on Etsy, and when demand for her pieces grew, she opened a Shopify store.

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In 2019, Chvker impressively broke $1M revenue as a one-person operation, whose owner was under the age of twenty-five. The turning point that brought Chvker from start-up to success was when its pieces began appearing on Instagram feeds of popular influencers like Gabby Epstein and Sierra Furtado. Of the exponential growth of the brand, Yunus says, “Chvker was founded on my love of creating jewelry, and that love and passion has only grown; it’s wonderful to see the revenue grow with it.”

Nazlia Yunus was raised by a single immigrant mother, and she is now the owner of a million-million dollar jewelry brand, it’s a success story that has been understandably inspiring other women-led start-ups. Yunus still creates every piece that the store sells, and she shares that this is what sets her apart from other successful jewelry brands; she says, “All of the jewelry is handmade by me, and I put my dedication to the brand into every piece.”

Every business starts with the hope of succeeding, the very act of starting a business is a hopeful one, and many do reach success, but some visionary businesses surpass everything.