Clint Eastwood-directed 'Cry Macho' will release in October

Pranav Dixit
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Clint Eastwood-directed
Clint Eastwood-directed

23 Mar 2021: Clint Eastwood-directed 'Cry Macho' will release in October

Warner Bros. Pictures has finally given an official release date for the film Cry Macho directed by the legendary Hollywood star Clint Eastwood.

The film is all set to theatrically release on October 22 this year and will also be available on HBO Max streaming service for one month from the date of release.

Besides directing, Eastwood will also be producing and starring in the film.

Premise: Eastwood will play a one-time rodeo star in 'Cry Macho'

Eastwood will play the role of a washed-up horse breeder, who was a one-time rodeo star, in the movie.

Set in the late 1970s, his character takes up the job of bringing the son of his former boss home, away from his alcoholic mom in Mexico.

The film will showcase the unexpected challenges faced by the unlikely pair and the bonding between them.

Novel: The movie is based on a 1975 novel

Cry Macho is based on a 1975 novel, having the same name, penned by American author and dramatist N Richard Nash.

As per Variety, the novel was initially written as a screenplay. Eastwood had first toyed the idea of adapting it in 1988.

In 1991, Jaws star Roy Scheider was said to be leading one movie titled Cry Macho but the project never took off.

Previous films: Age is, clearly, just a number for Eastwood

Eastwood will be 91-year-old by the time Cry Macho releases but he refuses to slow down.

The last film he directed was the biographical drama Richard Jewell that had released in 2019. The movie grossed $44 million worldwide.

Cry Macho will be the first film in which Eastwood will be seen since The Mule, which had released in 2018 and grossed $185 million worldwide.

Career: Eastwood is a Hollywood icon

Eastwood rose to fame with Man with No Name and then as the anti-hero cop in Dirty Harry films.

He has been nominated for numerous awards during his lifetime and has won four Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards.

Some of his other notable films include Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven, Every Which Way but Loose, and Escape From Alcatraz.