Video of man amazed by £4.99 T-shirt folder goes viral

A video of a man using a bargain T-shirt folder has gone viral [Photo: Getty]

No matter how organised you are, keeping everything in your wardrobe tidy is a daily struggle - one of the biggest obstacles being neatly folding your clothes.

Not a fan of folding? Allow us to point you in the direction of the latest viral Internet video.

On Saturday Australian YouTuber, Christian Hull, posted a video using his new clothes folding board and it instantly became a social media sensation.

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“When I bought this shirt folder I didn’t realise how much joy it was going to bring me!” Chris captioned the video, which shows him excitedly folding T-shirts with the product.

In the video he says: “I have never been more entertained in my life with the most boring and mundane task of folding T-shirts. I bought this thing online it’s like a T-shirt folder device - this is so fun.”

The clip has now been watched over 6.3 million times and already has over half a million likes.

Many Twitter users were also mesmerised by the newly uncovered device.

“I need this t-shirt folder in my life” said one Twitter user, another adding “Yep. Buying that today.”

Meanwhile, others were already loyal fans, saying it’s a “life changer” and “use one daily”.

Want to give one a go? You can purchase a clothes folding board for as little as £4.99 on Amazon.

Or, if you don’t mind spending a little more, Amazon’s top rated folding board has an 85% five star rating and costs £10.99.

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