Your Clothing Impacts Your Thinking


Fashion blogger siddharth vijayvargiya who is working on releasing fashion videos based on latest trends on different mediums , he says fashion for him has been a medium of expression of style and trend.

‘Fashion for me is been a medium of expression of style . Fusing different styles together , has what helped me get this far,’ he said in a statement.

Siddharth’s young and spread out follower base interacts with him on his social media accounts . His amazing pictures in collaboration with different brands and adding his own taste of style while promoting brands make them a real perfectionist.

Coming from an middle class background , waking up early for photoshoots , videos , dancing under water in winters and than pulling all-nighters on weekends for editing , man behind gentle_man_wardrobe bears it all .

I loved everything which comes on an struggler ways . The sweat , the stress, the struggle, depression and the adrenaline . It made me realize how much more determination I need to be succeed and that’s what I did and will continue it all my life .

Good luck , Siddharth!

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