How Coach Fryer Has Become The Top Social Media Coach For Network Marketers

From professional baseball player to the most sought-after social media coach for network marketers, ‘Coach Fryer’ is impacting hundreds of thousands of people’s businesses all around the world.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to build a successful Network Marketing business using social media?

Many have tried, but the sad reality is most fail causing them to resort to the traditional home event, typical 3-way calls or hotel meeting strategy. While this strategy has been historically successful and still is today, it also leaves people with the hard choice of building their business or spending time with loved ones, and this was not how Brian envisioned doing it.

Have you ever asked yourself, what if there was a better way?

What if you didn’t have to choose?

What if you could build a multi-millionaire dollar Network Marketing business without having to take time away from your family?

To most, this seems impossible, but to others this is their reality. Today, we get the privilege of introducing you to one of the few who have not only cracked the code of building a successful network marketing business on social media, but has taught tens of thousands of others how to do the same thing! He not only became the number four earner in his previous company building all on social media, but has also been named one of the ‘Top 16 Social Media Influencers” in all of Network Marketing according to Eric Worre.

His name is Brian Fryer, aka ‘Coach Fryer,’ and his story started at New Mexico Highlands University where he not only graduated with a degree in Psychology, but also played two years of college baseball. Upon graduation, he was drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2004 and decided to chase his dream of becoming a professional baseball player and was fortunate to play for the next eight years.

Since a minor-leaguers salary was not much to get excited over, Brian spent his off seasons performing environmental consulting work for some of the largest companies in the world such as Chevron and ExxonMobil to earn some extra money so he could continue going after his dream of reaching the Big Leagues.

Soon after Brian began his Network Marketing Career in 2007, he quickly realized doing home meetings and 3-ways calls just weren’t his jam. He knew the power of the industry and was committed to make it to the top, but wasn’t willing to sacrifice the precious time he wanted to spend with his family.

Determined to find a way to do both, in 2011 Brian turned to social media. At the time, most of the successful people in the industry were building offline, so Brian had to create his own blueprint to success on social media. Originally viewed as maybe the black sheep of the team, as a former athlete, Brian wasn’t afraid of hard work, and was invigorated by the challenge of paving a new frontier.

After countless months of trial and error Brian finally cracked the code and discovered a “secret formula” that allowed him to skyrocket near the top of his company’s compensation plan. Soon Brian became the number four earner in his company by defying the odds and building a massive organization using social media and teaching the entire company, from stage, on how they could do it too.

His unlikely success naturally attracted the attention of other people in the industry who were desperate to learn how he was able to build such a large team online without sacrificing time with his family. This was the moment Brian knew he was onto something big!

He realized that if he could create a simple process that could help anyone willing to learn, implement and was coachable, regardless of their background, rank or income on how to build a successful Network Marketing Business using social media, he could impact the lives of people all around the world!

Brian has since committed his life to helping Network Marketers ‘crack this code’ that leads to building a network marketing business on social media the right way, while making an impact.

Leading with his faith and heart on his sleeve, Brian has become the top sought-after social media coach for Network Marketers and his client’s success speaks for itself. Not only was he named one of the top 16 social media influencers in the industry of Network Marketing, but many of his clients, who felt stuck or overwhelmed with social media before working with Brian, went on to become 6 or 7 figure earners after applying what he teaches.

Brian has since gone on to build a multi-million dollar coaching business, was invited to be a keynote speaker for companies such as Crunchi Cosmetics, Java Momma, and BioReigns as their keynote speaker, and also published his first book, “Your Impact Playbook” in 2020.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to learn how to build your Network Marketing Business the right way on social media, Coach Fryer can help you! To contact him, click on the link below or reach out to him on social media!

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