From cold brew to coffee capsules: The cuppas that we always love

There are myriad techniques to crack coffee beans into caffeine-heavy liquid. Enjoy the way you like it cold, hot, French-pressed, filtered or as espresso. Jumpstart your day with steaming mugs of coffee. Get heavenly blends, effervescent cups, carbonated fumes while on the go as coffee houses have burgeoned all over Mumbai with drool-worthy coffees.

The varieties of coffee are splendid and have many roasting processes; prefer something flavoursome, try Sinful cappuccino: hot coffee with flavour of cinnamon powder or Mumbai Superstar: hot coffee with star anise at Bombay Coffee House in Fort. Iced coconut coffee uses coconut milk while Madrid Mocha is a shot of espresso that mingles with choco sauce and milk foam.

Coffee & more

Ever tasted a scrumptious beverage? You can dig into one at Pachinco. Their Kitkat Coffee is one with crunchiness of wafers and yumminess of chocolates. Have a break, have a coffee, says Chef Ishijyot Surri whose yet another Cold Coffee with Chocolate Tint’s uniqueness lies in its hint of mint.

Leaping Windows situated in Versova tempts with its welcoming interiors, floor level seatings and shelves stacked with books and comics. Traditional Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha, served in potent and heady cups, appeal to a loyal clientele who huddle up in cozy corners with a book and cuppa.

Garde Manger in Vile Parle is a mid-sized café. The sit-out exudes the appearances of a bunglow’s backyard with plenty of foliage, and it’s the best place to get your favourite caffeine fix. They don’t have many options but the ones they have are organic and brewed with quality. Vegans can go with soya milk.

Coffee capsules

No more of lining up at international coffee houses for an exorbitant cappuccino when you can have barista-style Cappuccino and Espresso at home. Coffeeza is the answer, enthuses Rahul Aggarwal, Founder, Cravium Foods, who has introduced coffee in a capsule format along with Lattisso Coffee Machine. Just load the capsule, push the button for a shot of espresso. The attached milk frother helps to give you a perfect cappuccino!

The Cold Brew

It can’t be argued that hot brew makes you come alive, but coffee experts deem the Cold Brew coffee as healthy coffee with its attributes of being less acidic, ability to reduce high cholesterol, helps reduce weight, cuts the irritation of heart burn and is sweeter minus a sweetener.

According to Mr. Puneet Gulati, CEO, Barista, “Cold brews are the best thing to offer to Indian coffee lovers, we brew these coffees in our outlets in full view of our clients so that the coffee lovers can see the cold drip apparatus. The idea of introducing Cold Brew has been inspired from our commitment to innovate in our field and add something healthy for our patrons. Cold Brew is topping the chart these days as a new rage”.

If it is an authentic Italian coffee experience you are hankering after, then Barista Café chain with its warm, inviting and comfortable ambiance should be your choice. The Cold Brew coffee can be experienced in Fizzy  Cold  Brew – a delightful tingle of Tonic water and lemon; or Vietnamese Coffee – The divine combo of special cream and coffee.

Green coffee & green tea coffee

Did you know that green coffee exists? Yes, and it comes in a sachet! Curated by Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor, the new health fad is Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet which has introduced the ‘Green Coffee Instant Beverage Mix’ that is packed with anti-oxidants, helps in controlling weight, blood sugar and aids metabolism too.

Green tea coffee is another innovative beverage. Matcha Frappe and Matcha Latte at Culture Coffee located in Bandra and Kurla, consist of Japanese green tea. It has all the goodness of green tea and tastes like coffee and draws tea as well as coffee lovers.