'Collar Bomb' review: Jimmy Sheirgill's crime-thriller is a huge disappointment

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10 Jul 2021: 'Collar Bomb' review: Jimmy Sheirgill's crime-thriller is a huge disappointment

Disney+ Hotstar has released Collar Bomb, starring Jimmy Sheirgill in the lead, on Friday. The Dnyanesh Zoting-directorial is a crime thriller that revolves around a police officer, Manoj Kumar Hesi played by Sheirgill, who pays for his one bad decision. It also features Asha Negi (ASI Sumitra), Sparsh Srivastav (Shoab Ali), Rajshri Deshpande, and Naman Jain (Akki) in key roles. Here's our review.

Synopsis: What is the movie about?

The movie begins with an appreciation ceremony at a school for Hesi who apparently solved a "critical case." As the ceremony ends, a suicide-bomber "literally" just walks in and holds students as hostages. Being instructed by his boss Rita, the bomber demands parents to kill their partners to save their children and also asks Hesi to track down the parents and fulfill his demands.

Fact: This is the plot of 'Collar Bomb'

On the other hand, Sumitra is also trying to solve the riddle while IRF arrives at the scene to deal with the suicide bomber. Why Rita is asking Hesi to commit the crime and how it is all linked to him is the movie's plot.

Cast: Negi shines, but the rest fail to impress

This movie proves why Sheirgill is better as a supporting actor. In Collar Bomb, he either gives no reaction or goes straight to overacting. In fact, Srivastav and Deshpande's acting skills were also not impressive. However, Negi shines in the film. From adopting the accent to expressions and body language, the popular television actress gave it all. Also, Jain did a decent job.

Disappointment: Bollywood needs to stop portraying Muslims as terrorists

Why do Muslims always have to play suicide bombers/terrorists in movies? Would the police ignore if the terrorist was from a different religion? Even this film has Ali as the bomber who has no actual purpose to don that character, except for the religion. Also, a political party burns down a Muslim-owned restaurant just for the same reason. When will Bollywood stop doing this?

Verdict: Poor screenplay with zero logic, movie gets 2 stars

While you try to find logic throughout the movie, just wait for its ending—it's the worst. It shows the scriptwriter's lack of creativity and the director's laziness who couldn't think of a better and logical ending. Collar Bomb has zero elements that could save the film, including Sheirgill. Even if you have nothing to do, just find something else to watch. Verdict: 2 stars.

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