Could the colour of your baby's nursery impact their future?

Will the colour of your baby's nursery impact their future? [Photo: Getty]

Picking the colour of your baby’s nursery may seem like a style choice, but experts have revealed the decision could actually have an influence on their personality and even their future bank balance.

That's according to nursery furniture experts at moKee, who say the way you decorate your little one’s room could impact their traits and ultimately shape how successful they might be.

As reported by The Sun, moKee has analysed the various colour picks for the nursery and how it might shape their future.

While black might seem like an unusual choice for a baby’s room, experts say the bold pick is the colour most likely to produce a millionaire.

That’s because black “inspires power” so could be linked with creating a mini business leader of the future.

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Parents might choose to steer clear of the stereotypical blue for a boy, but nurseries painted blue could help to promote calmness, which could inspire little ones to stay cool under pressure.

moKee adds that children who spend time surrounding by blue seem to enjoy looking after people, so could have a future as a carer mapped out.

Tots who are partial to a tantrum or two might do better in a pink nursery, which, like blue, promotes a feeling of calmness.

Experts predict the feel-good pink offers could mean children grow up to be loving and could put that kindness to use working in the charity sector.

Babies with a blue nursery could go on to work in the charity sector [Photo: Getty]

The original gender-neutral choice, those who opt for a yellow nursery could see their babies grow up to enjoy working outdoors.

Insta-popular grey is often chosen as a modern neutral, but the experts say it is a good option for creative kids who could go on to work as a writer, artist or poet.

It’s a brave parent who chooses white for a nursery, but those who do could raise smalls who are able to see both sides of an argument, suggesting a career in law beckons.

The colour green is seen as being soft, calm and nurturing, but also helps encourages learning in little ones, so experts say babies put to bed in green rooms could follow a career in education.

While not many parents will be brave enough to opt for an entirely orange nursery, using the colour in accessories could create a warm cosy feel, and could encourage children to go on to a career in therapy or working with little ones.

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Pink, like blue, has a calming influence on little ones [Photo: Getty]

Experts issued a warning to parents about the regal colour purple, suggesting it could encourage children to develop a taste for luxury.

But the rich colour is often linked to creativity, so babies who grow up in a purple room could look forward to an artsy future.

Ditto those who grow up in a room with a statement red wall, which inspires emotion and passion and could set your child on the showbiz path.

It isn’t the first time decisions made in babyhood has been linked to future implications.

Last year a study revealed that breastfed babies could go on to earn more as adults.

The study, of 9,000 people, led by Queen’s University Belfast, found that those participants who were breastfed as babies had a 10% higher household income when they were over 50.

And new research released last month revealed people make assumptions about the behaviour of little ones, based on their name alone.