Here We Come Up With The Graver Voice Ashish Sardana

Here We Come Up With The Graver Voice Ashish Sardana

Ashish Sardana is a 29 year old multi award wining Punjabi Musical Artist from North India(Punjab) Seemed as one of the Punjabi hottest talents. Aashi is lauching himself into the forefront of the industry with acclaim. Read on…

Ashish Sardana, the talent has found himself performing to sold out audiences at some of Iconic Punjabi videos.

Ashish Sardana is a singer, cricketer, Actor and Music producer and list goes on Aashi was since childhood a talented kid although the was a good cricketer even played for state level and national level from Haryana. After this he was doing a job with HDFC Bank but his passion is in music more then other
activities. Then he did his music degree from Allahabad University and extra music classes from his guru ji, MR. Pradeep.

His passion changed his entire life. He fall in love with the music and made his mind to make carrier as a Musician.

Sardana got his first song in 2015 which was titled as ”Sada Pyaar”.

His 2nd song in 2015 with collaboration of sharey moan company yaar an mulav records for his songs(“Ration”) become an good response and helped him get recognition. Carreer, Boosled Career and his popularity.

Ashish got his first break in 2016 with the collaboration of Aman Dhillon Music Lil martin released from yaariyan records for his song ‘Headline ‘ become an hit or bigger hit with he 2 million viewers. Still Hold in million on YouTube views.

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