#ComicBytes: The best gadgets and weapons owned by Batman

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: The best gadgets and weapons owned by Batman
#ComicBytes: The best gadgets and weapons owned by Batman

06 Nov 2020: #ComicBytes: The best gadgets and weapons owned by Batman

Unlike DC's other heroes, Batman doesn't have any superpowers. However, he is still one of the most powerful characters in comics.

The reason behind this popularity is Bruce Wayne's sense of justice, and his vast collection of weapons and gadgets, which he invented or acquired using his genius mind and family wealth.

Here are the best devices from the wealthy American playboy's collection.

Batarangs: Batarangs are Wayne's iconic bat-shaped boomerangs, his go-to weaponry

Batarangs, Wayne's bat-shaped boomerangs, are his go-to weaponry in the DC universe.

These work as the non-lethal replacement of firearms.

With the Silver Age, these became much better with variations like remote-controlled batarang, exploding batarang, smoke batarang, magnetic batarang, flashbulb batarang, and more.

These days, batarangs act more like ninja throwing stars that can slice, stab, and even knock out Batman's opponents.

Batmobile: Batmobile is his vehicle of transport and a war machine

Starting out as Batman's primary mode of transport, the Batmobile has now evolved into a full-fledged war machine.

While the comics have portrayed many features of this vehicle, Batman movies like Christopher Nolan's trilogy improved its design massively.

Some of the common features of the Batmobile are bulletproof armor plating, machine gun turrets, grenades, tear gas dispensers, ejection seats, and much more.

Grapple Guns: Grapple Guns are multipurpose cables, often used for travelling quickly

Since Batman can't fly, he invented Grapple Guns in order to travel quickly by swinging from building to building.

These hi-tech pistols can fire strong cables with small grappling hooks.

Once the hook is secure, the cable allows the user to ascend and descend buildings safely, grab objects, attack opponents and of course, swing.

Everyone in the Bat Family uses variations of this gadget.

Kryptonite ring: Kryptonite ring helps in handling Kryptonian beings like Superman

The Caped Crusader plans ahead for tackling every possible threat, including the ones from Superman.

To handle this alien from Krypton in case he goes rogue, Batman took the Kryptonite ring from Lex Luthor.

This ring emits radiation that depowers, weakens, nauseates, and even kills Kryptonian beings.

This weapon proved its worth when Poison Ivy mind-controlled Superman into trying to kill Batman.

Utility belt: Utility belt is the storage device for Batman's other gadgets

Technically, Batman's utility belt is not a gadget or weapon. But it is a device that stores his other gadgets.

Smoke bombs, tear gas pellets, tiny explosives, batcuffs, forensic kit, almost all the other gadgets mentioned above, and more, can easily fit into the pouches on this belt.

The belt also has a 'shocking' protection system, which prevents Batman's enemies from using its contents.