#ComicBytes: The best members of the Bat-Family

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: The best members of the Bat-Family
#ComicBytes: The best members of the Bat-Family

04 Dec 2020: #ComicBytes: The best members of the Bat-Family

How does Batman, a superhero with no apparent superpowers, manage to fight notorious villains in Gotham and the rest of the DC Universe?

The answer lies in his intelligence, advanced technological innovations, excellent combat skills, and his impressive Bat-Family. The members of this team are some of DC's best heroes.

Read ahead to find the best of this lot.

Alfred: Alfred Pennyworth is more that just a butler

The Wayne family's butler and closest confidant, Alfred Pennyworth, might not be superhuman, but he's the force that helps the Bat-Family go about their tasks.

A former British intelligence officer, Alfred handles the Wayne Manor and Batcave and ensures that the Bat-Family is able to patrol Gotham properly.

Not to mention that he has practically raised Bruce and all his kids (adopted and real).

Nightwing: Dick Grayson: One of the first members of the family

One of the first members of the Bat-Family, Dick Grayson is Batman's first Robin.

Even though he leaves the Wayne mansion to become the powerful vigilante Nightwing after a fallout with his guardian Bruce Wayne, he stays loyal to the Bat-Family.

He even becomes Batman after Bruce's apparent demise and plays a huge role in shaping Damian Wayne's journey in DC.

Batgirl: Barbara has been in this family as Batgirl and Oracle

Like her father, Barbara Gordon is an ally of Batman. To solidify this relationship, she joins the family as Batgirl.

An expert in martial arts, Barbara stays in the role of Batgirl until she is paralyzed by Joker. Even then, she uses her genius hacking skills to become Bat-Family's master hacker, Oracle.

Currently, Barbara is back at being the Batgirl after her experimental surgery.

Cassandra Cain: Cassandra Cain's assassin skills are lethal and powerful

David Cain and Lady Shiva's daughter Cassandra trains to become an assassin from the beginning to serve as supervillain Ra's al Ghul's perfect bodyguard.

Thankfully, her morals kick in after her first kill and she joins the Bat-family to become the fourth Batgirl.

Currently known as Orphan, her lethal assassin skills make her second only to Batman in the family.

Batwoman: Batwoman Kate Kane's military background shaped her fighting skills

Former West Point Academy cadet Kate Kane is Batman's cousin and a part of the Bat-Family.

Since her parents were in the military, she has a soldier's mentality and amazing fighting skills with a desire to succeed.

She has been portrayed as a lesbian, a step appreciated by the readers. DC Comics' decision to diversify in this manner certainly bode well with the fans.