#ComicBytes: Best stories of Justice League younger version, Teen Titans

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#ComicBytes: Best stories of Justice League younger version, Teen Titans
#ComicBytes: Best stories of Justice League younger version, Teen Titans

28 Dec 2020: #ComicBytes: Best stories of Justice League younger version, Teen Titans

Teen Titans are considered as the younger version of Justice League. But they have their own legacy.

Formed by the sidekicks of prominent DC heroes, this group has evolved into one of DC's most powerful teams.

Though their New 52 run was awful, the team has a great collection of fantastic tales since the Silver Age.

Today, we'll look back at some of them.

Formation: 'New Teen Titans' featured new additions to the original team

Covered in New Teen Titans Vol 1. #1-40, the New Teen Titans story established Teen Titans as the true equal of Marvel's X-Men.

Here, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven, some of DC's most powerful characters, were created and added to the team that already had Robin, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl.

This seamless addition made Teen Titans a premier team in DC.

Family Lost: 'Family Lost' plot dealt with Deathstroke and Brother Blood

The Family Lost storyline took place in the Teen Titans Vol. 3 #8-12.

Here, the murder of Rose Wilson's foster parents was investigated by the Titans, who believed that Rose's real father Deathstroke was responsible.

This story chronicles Rose's journey of becoming a villain called the Ravager, the revelation and bad intentions of Brother Blood, and the consistent family values of the team.

Earth One: 'Earth One' offered a modern look of the old characters

The Teen Titans' New 52 run was bad. But during this time, the graphic novel Teen Titans: Earth One was published out of normal DC continuity, and it became an instant hit.

This book followed DC's other Earth One titles and offered a modern take on many old characters. For example, new versions of Jericho, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Terra, and Raven were introduced.

Crossroads: In 'Crossroads', Robin and Kid Flash left the team

Covered in New Teen Titans #39, the Crossroads story shocked a lot of fans in 1983.

Here, Dick Grayson and Wally West gave up their identities of Robin and Kid Flash and left the team. Terra's disloyalty was also revealed, which was quite shocking.

This storyline serves as a prelude to the next, final, and the best entry on the list.

Judas Contract: The 'Judas Contract' is the most popular Teen Titans story

The Judas Contract storyline in Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44, Annual #3 is considered the best Teen Titans story of all time.

This story gave a better understanding of Terra's infiltration and betrayal of the team.

But more importantly, the Judas Contract gave us one of DC's biggest transformations, which was Dick Grayson leaving the mantle of Robin to become the Nightwing.

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